"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


20. Chapter 12.

Harry's POV;

The boys and Perrie had already arrived. Obviously, girls take loads of time caking themselves with makeup but Amelia she was different. She didn't care how she looked or anything she was a determent girl. She was also really beautiful and I liked the fact that she was not like other girl's that hide their natural beauty and look like caked whores.

I was talking to the boys when I saw Miss. grace entering the garden and from behind her Amelia appeared. She thanked her and walked towards our direction. Her tanned skin glowed and her beautiful light brown hair sparkled. She was truly beautiful. 

Amelia's POV;

I saw Harry's gaze burning in my skin as I walked over to where they stood. "Welcome and congratulations. You don't have to run a mile" Louis laughed. Everybody looked at me and greeted. I don't know if it's strange but I don't like it when everybody looks at me. I feel kind of embarrassed. I walked closer to Perrie. She hugged me. Perrie was always the cheery one and that's why I liked her the most. "Gawwhh, why do you smell so nice all the time" she half screamed. "Because she belongs to me" Harry interrupted. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows. "What! Look it says on your shirt" he pointed at my top. "H-A-R-R-Y. Harry." he told me. "Clever guy" louis added. 

Sophia was the last person to arrive but they let her off because she wasn't feeling well lately."Okay two teams. Rules are simple. The messier you look the more you lose." Liam announced. "Teams are Girls vs Boys" Liam added. "Go fill your hands and water guns. May the boys win" He cheered. I rolled my eyes. I turned around and caught up with the girls.

"We have to win this" Lauren shouted. Every body nodded. I walked towards the table and filled my hand's with colored powder. The countdown on the Big LCD Begin. 3 2 1 GO! Everybody ran towards each other. I just walked. My legs were hurting. If only Harry hadn't raped me. Niall came towards me and sprayed water on my face. Oh god.

He turned around and I took the opportunity to jump on his back and smudge powder all over his face. I couldn't help but laugh. I held my stomach trying to make the pain go away caused by the laughter. I ran towards the table and filled my hands with colored powder. I ran back towards the Main area. I looked for someone I could attack. Pfft. Can't find anyone.

I turned around and noticed the chocolate brown curls. I shrieked and fell backwards. Harry caught me and pulled me back. He pulled me closer to him. Our lips almost touching. I raised my hand and smudged all the color on his face and the rest in his hair. "Payback is a bitch" I giggled. I ran as fast as my feet would carry away from him.

I really enjoyed this game. I was wet and full of color but no sign of Mr.curly. Only 6 minutes were left for the game to end and I couldn't find him. Wait. What am I on about. Why am I waiting for him. Fuck Him. He can fucking die.

I turned around and walked towards the table to get more color. Zayn had just thrown all the red on me because I sprayed him. I was about to take some color when a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me. I closed my eyes and I felt curls tickling my face.

I slowly opened them and I saw Harry's forehead touching mine. He was wet and still had the powder on his face that I had thrown on him some time ago. He crashed his lips on mine so quick that I had no time to react. He slid his tongue in and explored my mouth. 

He pulled away."Your right, Payback is a bitch" He spoke and threw water on me. I used the back of my hands to wipe away the water. "Oh My God!" I screamed. He winked and left.

"What the fuck just happened" I asked myself.















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