"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


19. Chapter 11.

Amelia's POV;

Hopefully Harry stopped with the make out session and started talking to the other boys. I got off his lap and walked towards the girls. "I'm so bored." Sophia complained. "Me too." Liam added with a wink towards Sophia. Sophia blushed and all of the girls including me giggled. 

"So, what should we do." Harry asked. "We were going to teach the girls a lesson" Niall told. "Forget that, I think the health diet is getting out of control we all need to stay fit. I obviously don't wanna get fat" Zayn said. "Yeah,yeah we all know how much you care about your looks Mr.perfect."Louis laughed. "Shall we play a game that includes fitness as well as fun" Niall asked excitedly. A game with devils not at all I wasn't going to take part in this activity.  

"How about water-fight with some colored powder" Louis said. "It's going to ruin my hair so-" Zayn was interrupted by Louis. "Washable colored powder." Zayn's eyes widened. "I'm on it" Zayn smiled. Choruses of  "Me as well" were heard. Well certainly not me. I quietly got of the couch and was about to walk up my room. A hand grabbed my waist and pulled me back. God. Not again. "Not so fast baby doll" Harry spoke putting his chin on my shoulder. "I know right, Your being so boring. Come on, it's gonna be fun" Eleanor growled. " It's better then being locked up in your room" Lauren added.

"Okay fine" I mumbled. Harry smirked. Harry's chin still on my shoulder. I tilted my head a bit so I could face him and see what he was doing. He looked so cute. A smile on his face as he listened to what Niall was blabbering. The smile soon turned into a smirk as I realized he had caught me looking at them. My cheeks went red and I looked away.

"And yeah, there will be some clothes in your room. It will be same for the girl and same for the boys. You all have 10 minutes to go upstairs and change into them. The last person has to jog around the whole field. And believe me you don't wanna do that. Okay so the time starts now" Niall shouted and ran towards his room.

Harry's arms were still around my stomach and my back pressed to his chest. "Erm Mr.Styles c-can I p-please go to my room now" I stuttered. Everybody had left and it was only me and Harry. "Yea" harry winked and untangled him from me. He turned around and walked towards his room me following behind. 

I opened the door and ran inside. There lay a blue and red cheerleader top and skirt but without poms poms and It had my name printed on the front and on the back it said Harry. Wow. Congrats. Now I'm a fucking property. So they fucking kidnap me and now they name me as their property. I hate HARRY STYLES.

I quickly threw on the clothes showing off my tanned skin. Hopefully, the skirt hid my scar Harry had caused with the razor. I walked towards the mirror put my hair in a messy but tight ponytail. I threw on the blue and red converse with the clothes and walked outside.

I walked downstairs and searched the living room for the boys or the girls. I found a lady walking past. "Errm. Could you tell me where everybody is" I asked. "Oh yeah, there in the garden. This way." she lead me. 

I walked into a big ground full of different pitches and courts. This is their garden. Woahh. No suprise. There lay a table full of water buckets and some water guns. On the other side lay different colored color powders. The lady pointed in the boy's direction. Hopefully, I wasn't late and I awkwardly walked towards them.

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