"Isn't it strange how you fall in love with someone who you shouldn't".


1. Chapter 1.

Amelia's POV;

Quietly, I tip-toed to the stairs trying hard not to wake my parents up. The lights switched on and there stood my two angry little parents. 

"Where have you been?", My dad asked. "Errm... I-I have been with Lily", I stuttered. Lily was my best friend since primary. She had always been by my side. She had always- 

"We asked you a question. where have you been?", My mom rudely interrupted my thoughts. 

"I said with lily", I half yelled. My mom walked over and slapped me. I put my hand on the place she slapped me. "Stop abusing me your the worst parents ever" I yelled. "You were a unwanted child. You have no fucking right to talk to your mom like that", My dad shouted. He came over me and punched me. I growled in pain. "Go to your room. Your grounded" My mom shouted. "When was the time I wasn't grounded" I muttered and ran to my room. 

I locked the room and slid down the door. My parents abused me from the past 2 years. "I have to do something about it" I thought. I cried for about Half an hour. Finally, I got up and looked at myself. There stood a girl, who was hurt, had nobody, was unwanted. After thinking about what to do. I decided to run away. I got a bag, threw all my clothes in. I didn't bother folding them. I just wanted to get out of this place. I got my phone, my charger, headphones and my Ipod. I was the only child in the family. So I did get alot of things, But only because I cried my eyes out and begged my parents everyday to get them for me. I found 500 pound in my drawer. I secretly used to work at Mc'donalds as I knew this day would come.

I Slipped my black leggings on and threw on a hoodie saying "Stay strong". I put my black Converse on and quietly, opened the door. All the lights were switched off. I thanked god my parents were sleeping. I walked downstairs and Got my comfy jacket on. I unlocked the door and walked out. Cold breeze hit me. I only had one friend. Lily. But her parents were strict and didn't allow anyone coming over. So I technically, had no where to go. 


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