His Soul(Daryl Dixon Love Story Fanfiction/TWD)

Soulara was always the independent, open minded girl. After the apocalypse hit she managed to survive for a pretty long time with her brother and best friend. During a tragic occurrence Soul and the guys come across a group of survivors. With a little morale still left in them, they decided to take the group in with them, providing them with a shelter. Soul, being the tough and stubborn girl she is, goes head to head with an equally stubborn man, Daryl Dixon. Even though they try to avoid dramas they can’t help but create small ones.
Unknown, and clueless they grow on each other. Soul had never felt the way she is, nor have Daryl. But it isn’t easy having what they have in a world where walkers are ready to tear you open. Being stubborn doesn’t help it either. Not admitting their soft spots for each other, baffled, one wrong move can shatter everything.


10. Tenth


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'Get your head straight Soul’ i thought to myself as I looked down at the walkers. I have to make a plan, fast. 
I snatched the squirrel that was dangling from Daryl’s shoulders. “Climb up” i mumbled out to him. He looked at me like I was crazy. “What are ya planing to do ?” he asked. “I’m planning on saving you’re life. Now climb before the branch brakes” I scolded him in a small voice.
“I’m not--” he was about to argue again when the branch made another loud ‘crack’ noise. “go go go” i started shouting at him. He quickly took a hold of the branch directly above him and lifted his weight up. Once he was securely up, it was my turn to get the plan working. I took in a deep breathe “Once i distract the walkers. You run. Nothing else. No questions. Just run” I tossed the squirrel a little far away from the tree. 2 of the walkers got distracted and started walking to the squirrel, smelling its fresh meat. 
“You own me. Big time” I looked down at the remaining three walkers. I started to take in deep breaths.
“1...2...3” i started counting, trying to steady myself.
“4...5 !” i finally counted and jumped down the tree. I landed with perfection, my knee leaned on the ground and my right palm placed down, supporting my weight. I quickly drew my axe from my belt and started running as far away from the tree as possible. The walkers started limping towards me as I made a run. I spun around in a complete circle, slicing the brains of one of the walkers. Sweat dripped down from my forehead as I continued running. I quickly slid out my dagger from my boot and pierced it through the head of one of the walkers and I plugged my axe in the head of the other. I plucked out the dagger and axe at the same time as I started running again. 

I don’t know how long I had been running but I was starting to run out of breathe. Just when I was about to give up, I reached a clearing. The grass was a rustic shade of ocher and were dry and rough. I fell down on them panting and sweating. My arms were numb as my leg throbbed painfully. 
Groans filled the humid air of the clearing as 3 other walkers started making their way towards me. I sprinted up as fast as I could but fell down on one knee what-so-ever. I positioned my dager’s blade in between my fore and middle finger as I twisted my wrist to an angle. I quickly re-sprung it, darting the dagger. The blade shone through as the sun hit it and it penetrated through the brains of the closest walker. In a similar manner, I took my axe; holding it by its handle. But instead of twisting only my wrist, I positioned my elbow and the axe. The black metal blade of the axe yet again, stabbed and stuck in the brains of the walker. 
I looked at the 3rd walker, that now sprinted towards me. I didn’t have any other weapon, no axe, no dagger. My breathe quickened as I looked around frantically. My eyes focused on the corpse I had killed not less than a minute ago. My dagger was still in it’s head. 
It was my only chance. I had to do it. 
I quickly started dragging myself towards the limp corpse as the sole walker grew closer to me with every passing second. I managed to drag myself towards it and now leaned beside the corpse, trying to pull the dagger out. Just as I freed the shinny metal, an additional weight lunged onto my body. I gripped my dagger tighter in my fist as my head bit the bottom. Before I even knew, I plunged the blade into the walkers head out of reflexes. 
I pushed it off me but still laid on the ground; tired, as silence filled the air. 
Though, it was short lived as a new pair of footsteps emerged from the woods. I quickly sat up and crawled over to the walker with my axe in his head. I plucked the black axe out and positioned myself to attack, still sitting not finding enough strength to stand. 
The footsteps grew closer and closer as my eyes grew narrower. Suddenly, an all too familiar face emerged from the thick covers of the forest. A sigh escaped my lips as I let my axe fall down on the ground and leaned back on my arms.
“Nice timing” I commented.
I heard Daryl stiffen a bit “Aren’t you an ungrateful bitc’?” 
“Now why would I be ungrateful ? I’m the one who saved you’re stupid ass” 
He decided not to speak, anger clear on hi9s face as he motioned towards the corpse of the walker beside me. I moved my head ‘round and saw an arrow pierced in it’s head from the back. Though, it still carried my dagger’s stabbing mark in the front. 
“Dixon’s never owe”
I shuffled before getting up. “Well, that doesn’t count ‘cause i had already killed it” 
“No you didn’t. You were gawking up at its face while ‘I’ killed it”
“Well, think whatever you want to, but you still owe me.”
“I don’t” he replied stubbornly. 
“Okay lets just consider that you ‘saved’ me”  I looked directly at him “You saved me from 1 walker while i saved you from ‘5’. So if that's how we are gonna go, you owe me 4 times more” 
Daryl looked at me for a minute before turning on his heels and marching straight down the road. I quickly got up, finally recollecting my strength and started following him down. 

On the mid-way, Daryl suddenly murmured out in his usual low toned accent.
“I only owe you 1” 

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