His Soul(Daryl Dixon Love Story Fanfiction/TWD)

Soulara was always the independent, open minded girl. After the apocalypse hit she managed to survive for a pretty long time with her brother and best friend. During a tragic occurrence Soul and the guys come across a group of survivors. With a little morale still left in them, they decided to take the group in with them, providing them with a shelter. Soul, being the tough and stubborn girl she is, goes head to head with an equally stubborn man, Daryl Dixon. Even though they try to avoid dramas they can’t help but create small ones.
Unknown, and clueless they grow on each other. Soul had never felt the way she is, nor have Daryl. But it isn’t easy having what they have in a world where walkers are ready to tear you open. Being stubborn doesn’t help it either. Not admitting their soft spots for each other, baffled, one wrong move can shatter everything.


7. Seventh

It wasn’t long before i got bored and decided to go downstairs and organizing the kitchen shelves with the food we had bought today from the mall. I opened the kitchen door to reveal everyone from Rick’s group sitting their, chattering and laughing. The room fell silent as everyone noticed me standing at the door. I tried my best to ignore them and their pitiful glanced as I walked upto the cabinets of the kitchen counter and stacked them with canned food. Just as i finished stacking I heard around 3 cars pull in; infront of the house. Everyone rushed out while i slowly stalked behind them. Glenn had flung the door open to reveal our 1957 old fiesta wagon, a winnebago chieftain R.V and a cherokee jeep. Kili came out from our wagon and went behind it, flinging the hatchet open. I stood back my arms crossed over my chest. I notice two other people emerge from the R.V. an old looking man wearing a fishers hat and another man with dark skin and broad shoulder. Rick and Shane got out of the jeep and helped Kili load out a triumph bonneville chopper. 
After about 5 minutes everyone was done unloading their luggage and supplies off the vehicles and into the house. “Soulara” Kili called out. He handed me two bags “Get that upstairs ?” he asked me. I simply nodded and went to our room. 
I stepped inside to see Daryl sitting on the lower bunk fiddling around with my zippo lighter. He looked up for a split second before resuming fiddling with it. The dirt that was previously masked on his face and body was now gone and he wore the clean shirt i gave him. The cloths fitted him perfectly and the sleeves of the shirt were casually rolled up. “Your bags” I told him as i placed them beside the bed. “Your group is back” I said and started walking down again not waiting for him to reply. 
I walked down the staircase to see everyone accumulated in the living room. “I’ll take watch” I heard Kili say. Any one or two of us would always take watch. Last night (before all of this happened) I and Matt had taken a watch, which meant it was Kili and Matt’s turn tonight. “I’ll stay with you” I decided to speak up.
Everyone’s eyes averted towards me, noticing me at the moment. I looked into Kili’s eyes and saw the lack of surety in them. “No, you can’t Soul. I’ll take the watch alone. You need to get sleep” Kili decided to argue.
“But it’s okay, i’m completely fine”
“No. I don’t want you to fall asleep during the watch. It was your turn last night. You need to sleep” he argued yet again.
“But I won’t be able to sleep anyway” My voice raised, unintentionally. 
The room fell silent as everyone’s eyes flashed with pity again. I regretted what i had said the very moment. 
“I’ll stay on the guard with Kilian” 
Now everyone’s eyes averted towards Glenn as he spoke. 
Kilian shrugged and looked at me, as if he was trying to reassure me “see ? It’s okay” he said.
I nodded lightly. “I’m gonna go to bed i’m not really hungry” I said and turned on my heels. My breathe caught in my throat as I almost bumped into Daryl. I hadn’t noticed he was standing right behind me the whole time. I looked up into his piercing eyes as he did the same. Unlike everyone else his eyes never showed pity, they didn’t show any emotions to be true. He slowly moved sideways without saying a word, his eyes still glancing down at me. 
I walked up the stairs my mind somehow managing to stay clear. 
I entered my room and climbed up to my bunk and laid there, closing my eyes. Happy, smiling images of Matt started covering the empty darkness behind my eyelids. Us eating ice cream, watching movies. Him disturbing me while i was reading a book. All of the memories started flashing before me. 
I fluttered my eyes open when i heard a light yet noticeable noise from beside the bed. “You okay ?” Kili asked while looking up at me. I slowly nodded my head and wiped a single tear that escaped my eyes. “I brought you soup” he said and extended his hand up, holding a can of soup. I shook my head “I’m fine.....” i said in a low voice “but--” he was about to say but stopped when he saw my eyes. They were a mixture of sadness, tiredness and stubbornness. “Do you have any sleeping pills ?” I asked. He nodded. “Get me some ?” I pleaded but he shook his head ‘no’. My eyes filled with confusion and Kili read them as he answered my unasked question. He always read me as if i was an open book.
“I don’t really want my little sister in the same room with a stranger while dossed up on sleeping pills” 
I couldn't help but scowl a little on that. Though, i understood what he meant. One couldn’t just trust someone after knowing them for only 3 or 4 hours. Not in this world atleast.
I nodded lightly and laid back down and closed my eyes. I heard the door open and shut again indicating that Kili left. 
I laid there still as a statue before letting sleep take over me.

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