His Soul(Daryl Dixon Love Story Fanfiction/TWD)

Soulara was always the independent, open minded girl. After the apocalypse hit she managed to survive for a pretty long time with her brother and best friend. During a tragic occurrence Soul and the guys come across a group of survivors. With a little morale still left in them, they decided to take the group in with them, providing them with a shelter. Soul, being the tough and stubborn girl she is, goes head to head with an equally stubborn man, Daryl Dixon. Even though they try to avoid dramas they can’t help but create small ones.
Unknown, and clueless they grow on each other. Soul had never felt the way she is, nor have Daryl. But it isn’t easy having what they have in a world where walkers are ready to tear you open. Being stubborn doesn’t help it either. Not admitting their soft spots for each other, baffled, one wrong move can shatter everything.


5. Fifth

Our metallic blue and white wagon pulled infront of our small two story wooden cabin. I pushed open the hatch door and window. I jumped down out of the trunk Matt’s backpack swung upon my right shoulder. I stood beside the wagon waiting for Daryl, Glenn and Carl come out. Glenn was the first one to come out. Carl was sleeping soundly in his arms. Daryl jumped out next, his crossbow as always, swung upon his shoulders. I shut close the hatchet and locked it. “Soul ?” Kilian called out. “Yea?” I answered back.
“I am going to go with Carol, Rick and Shane to get the others in their group okay ?” 
I simply nodded at him. “Show them their rooms, okay ?” he said. I was about to walk off when he grabbed a hold of my hand. “Get some sleep after that. You seem tired enough.” I nodded yet again. “Take care” I said and this time successful walked away. I felt someone stare at me as i walked. I looked to my right to see Daryl standing there with a straight face and looking directly at me with his small piercing blue eyes. I shook my head lightly and walked inside. 
The living room had a Chester brown fabric right-arm corner sofa. It sat towards the right of the cabin away from the window that was locked shut. All the doors and windows were locked shut and the curtains were pulled. An oval coffee table sat infront of the sofa and onto the table were three mugs. Each one of us had one. 
Mine was black with a picture of me, Cedric, Matt and Kili printed on top of it. It was the day of my my 26th birthday and we were at a amusement park. It was morning and we had just reached there and Matt had told some random guy to snap the picture. 
Each one of us had a cup with the same pic. Matt’s was green, Killi’s was white while Ced’s was cyan. 
I heard a number of footsteps walk in as i turned around to look at the whole group. “It’s a nice place” Glenn commented. “yea....” i said “come on I’ll show you guys around” i said and started walking in the direction of the ground floor hall. I knew everyone was following as i could hear their footsteps. I pointed at the first door and turned around to look at everyone “it’s the kitchen and the dinning room. That is the smallest bedroom in the house” i said pointing at the door across from the kitchen, to my right. “It has one bunk bed, any two of you can stay in their. And that..” I pointed at the door beside the small bedroom “is the family bed room. It has one queen size bed and one single bed. Rick, Lori and Carl can stay there i guess.... or whatever you want. Uhm lets go upstairs now” i said and motioned for everyone to turn around. I walked in the front once again and started walking up the stairs when i suddenly remembered i hadn’t shown them the bathroom. “I almost forgot” I said turning around and pointing down the stairs and at the small door beside the stair case. “That’s one of the bathrooms. The house has it’s own cistern and motor that draws water from underground so there’s enough water for all of you” I finished my sentence and once again started walking up.  
We reached the top of the stairs and were greeted by another hallway, with two doors on its left and one door to it’s right. The right door was at the very end of the hall as it was the biggest room of ‘em all. I pointed at the first door to the left “This is another bedroom. It has one bunk bed with an extra pull out bed. You know, the kind of small bed you can pull out from under another bed, but the extra bed is pretty big so any three of you can easy sleep their.” I explained before pointing to the door beside the first door. “That is the other bathroom. It is the same as the bathroom down stairs. And at last ,that....” I said pointing at the door at the end of the passage towards the right “is mine and Kilian’s room. It’s the biggest room in the house and can accumulate 4 people. So we have an extra bunk bed and any two of you people can crash in with us.” I said finally finishing the tour. “So that’s it. You guy’s can choose whichever room you want and after choosing can get a shower if you like.”
I quickly walked into my room and started fiddling around with one of my luggage bags. I quickly pulled out a modcloth tee and black skinny bermuda pants. I took off my beanie and cuff bracelet and kept it on the bed along with my gun. I took out a pair of converse that were wrapped in plastic bag and kept inside the luggage, along with my dry towel and laid it down. I slid off my boots and stuffed my socks inside it. I placed my axe beside my boots and bed and picked up the towel, my fresh cloths and a lighter before quickly marching inside the bathroom. 
I locked the bathroom door and quickly lit the four candles that were placed on the candle stand beside the tub. The bathroom dimly lit up creating the perfect atmosphere for taking a relaxing bath. I turned the water on before placed my fresh cloths and towel on the counter. I stripped off my bloodied cloths and threw it the corner before jumping into the now-filled tub. The water was as cold as ice but still was somehow refreshing. I pushed back my hair before rinsing all the blood off my face and body. I decided not to wet my hair, because it was already very chilly and I wouldn’t wanna catch a nasty cold. 
After a minute of sitting silently in the bathtub, the tears started pouring out again. I couldn’t help but remembered all the moments we had spent together, Me and Matt. All the little babysitting sessions he had with me when I was 10 and he was 13. I would constantly nag him and he would try his hardest to shut my mouth. He usually ended up making me my favorite chocolate chip pancakes. ah! his pancakes. 
Though, as time passed on we started growing closer, with each babysitting session he had with me. As soon as I 14 and he was 17 he would always visit me on weekends even through his highschool routine and senior year parties. 
Matthew, I and Cedric  were the trio, and at times Kili would join us. We practically lived in each others pockets. I was the youngest of ‘em all. Kili and Matthew were both 3 years older than me while Cedric was 2 years older. I was always the pampered and protected one. We would sing and laugh together all day and all night long. 
But that were the good times. After Cedric started to do drugs and mixing with the wrong crowd it was never the same again. And now that the apocalypse had struck, it would never be the same again. 

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