Saved By Them

When Cara wake up,she doesn't know where she is,why there's an IV in her arm who are all these strange boys and why these a death cut on her side. Will she survive?


2. Chapter 1

I woke yet again to a bright light. I didn't dare move one bit, remembering what happened last time.

I heard voices around me. "You can't be series!" Said a deep voice to my right. "I am and we are doing it." Said another voice. "Guys...I think she's up."

Another voice said he was on my left. What the hell was going on?!?

The two guys turned, one had blonde hair with grayish eyes, the other had dirty blonde hair and it was up to his shoulders, his eyes were a normal brown.

The guy to my left was leaning against the wall he had brown hair with bright green eyes.

"Look I know your scared and probably wondering what the hell is going on, but you cant freak out ok? We'll answer any of your questions but just stay calm, and don't move." The grey eyes said.

I was freaked out, but something hit me where was Sam? "Where's Sam?" I choked out. The guy on my left stiffened. "Who" said the guy with brown hair. He was lying and he knew I could tell he was lying.

I waited for a response. "Look we don't know where your boyfriend is-" grey eyes started saying "he's my brother." I cut him off. He look at me with deep sad eyes. What happened to Sam?!

I was beginning to freak out, I took big deep breaths but I still couldn't calm down.

The door opened and a man walked in he seemed like.....he was the guy that ran in here to make me stop moving.

He seemed like he was in his mid-twenties he had bark brown eyes with light hair he was also wearing a lab coat, maybe he was a doctor.

The guy behind him was the strong guy that pinned me to my bed.

He had shaved blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and he was looking at me.....everyone was. "Where's Sam?" I asked again. The guy in the lad coat answered. "He's dead."

Heres chapter 1 hope you like it!! 5 likes for next update!!

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