Welcome to Night Vale Drabbles

A lot of times, after listening to a new wtnv episode I have stories I just /have/ to write. These are the beginnings or, occasionally, endings of those, written briefly and quickly so that I can sleep.
I may actually end up developing some of these into short stories, but I don't know. Criticism, as always, is greatly appreciated.


1. Episode 61

Drabbles- episode 61


A/N: This is a very short and un-edited scene I wrote, just after Cecil's show ends. I may add more to this later. I just couldn't go to sleep, so I started writing. Enjoy!


"Carlos?” Cecil cradled the phone in his hand, perching himself on the edge of his chair. The studio had lapsed into an unsettling silence, abandoning the radio host with his thoughts and doubts and fears about everything that he remembered, and more specifically, the things he didn’t.

"Hey- what’s wrong?” Carlos asked, immediately picking up on the anxiety edging his boyfriend’s words.

"I think there’s something wrong with me.” Cecil says quickly, squeezing his eyes shut in anticipation for the criticism he’d grown to expect- not from Carlos, but from everyone else. The universe seemed to have it in for him.

"Cecil, there is nothing wrong with you.”

"Then why can’t I remember saving Dana?! Why don’t I remember my own graduation? Why can’t I look into mirrors, Carlos?!” Cecil pleads, becoming desperate, his tone fringing on insanity. There had always been these weird little things about him- the missing memories of his childhood, the flickering shape that used to stalk him while he was recording- but now these incidences seemed to be more than just… well, incidences. They all had one thing in common, and that was him.

"I- don’t know.” Carlos admits. “But we’ll figure it out, okay? I can promise you, Cecil, nothing is wrong with you. We’ll figure out what all of this is.”

Cecil let his shoulders drop, his hands trembling with relief. While it wasn’t a guarantee that everything was alright, it was a still relief to know that Carlos would be there to help him through it. “Okay.”

"I love you.” Carlos reminds him, and Cecil can hear the smile in his voice.

"I love you too.”

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