My Diary

This is my life and how I went through it. :\

1. Intro

When I was born I was perfectly healthy. I never thought about anything. I didn’t care about anything, I just had funny doing things any kid would do. This is my story of how I changed in one day.


Friday December 13, 2012

 I was in my 6th grade third block class which was health, when my stomach started to hurt. I thought it was nothing at first since I didn’t eat in the morning because I was running late. About middle of class it started to get really bad but I stayed since my friend wanted me too because she didn’t want to be alone since these people started to throw pieces of eraser at us. Once class was over and we were changing to next block which was lunch block and 6th graders got to lunch first, I started feeling dizzy but kept going thinking I was just hungry. Once I got to my Math/Lunch block class with Ms.Streett, I put my books down and had gotten all my supplies when my ears suddenly popped and I could barely hear. I was sweating badly and I still felt dizzy and my stomach still hurt. I thought next that maybe something was really wrong so I asked Ms.Streett if I could go to the nurse and she replied saying that she would take me down after everybody was in the cafeteria since I looked really pale. I leaned on the wall until Ms.Streett came up to me. We start walking up the M wing when I started seeing stars. When we were about at the auditorium, I had stopped and fell to my knees. I couldn’t walk anymore. I was feeling too light-headed and couldn’t see much. In the back ground, I remember Ms.Streett was yelling at a teacher to get the nurse. Even when I was in a bad condition I was thinking ‘nobody is going to see me weak’ so I got back up and walked the rest of the way to the nurse. Later on in the day I left early. I sat home and grabbed something to eat while my dad called the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment to see what was wrong.




Wednesday December 18, 2012

I woke up in the morning thinking nothing big was going to happen. I was just going to the doctors and was probably just sick. I didn’t really care because it was Wednesday which meant it was pizza day at school and I got to sleep in. I would be going to school right after the appointment, so I didn’t think anything bad would happen. Once me and my dad were in the car and were driving to the doctor’s office was when I started getting butterflies. I was thinking I could have cancer, but I would never thought of type 1 diabetes. I didn’t even know what it was. So by the time we were at the office, I was shaking. We sat for about 15 minutes before we got called back. They did the usual thing which was temperature, blood pressure, weight and height. I had lost about 10 pounds from a few weeks ago when I had checked it. This was confusing to me since I usually get a double for lunch everyday. After that the doctor asked me questions, we did a test. I had to go into the bathroom and do the pee in the cup test. Once I was done with that, they told us, we had to wait a few minutes for the results. So I and my dad sat there in silence waiting to find out what was wrong. After about 5 minutes the doctor came back into the room. He had a little machine, and an oval thing. He told me that I had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  He told me that I had ketones, which are cells that eat your fat for energy. He said that he was going to be checking my blood sugar to confirm that I had Type 1 Diabetes. At that moment I looked over to my dad to see him frozen. I didn’t know what it was, so I couldn’t do anything. I did what the doctor wanted me to do by pricking my finger and putting it on the strip. It counted down from 5 to 1. It then showed the number 807. The doctor started talking saying that we had to go immediately to the hospital and go to the emergency room. So from there we had gone to the car and started driving to A.I DuPont Hospital. We were about 15 minutes into the drive when my dad had called his boss to tell him that he will not be able to come to work since I was going to have to be admitted to the hospital.  From there my dad had called my mom to tell her the news. He told her calmly that I had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Once he hung up I looked over to him to see him with tears in his eyes. I had asked him ‘why are you crying. I’m the one that has to deal with this.’ He then replied saying that ‘he was crying because his baby girl was hurt and he could do nothing about it’. After he said that I just stayed quiet because I have never seen him cry. I was numb and reality hit me hard that day that I was not like everyone else and that my whole life would change within the next few hours.


I had spent 3 days and 2 nights in that hospital. Learning everything about Type 1 Diabetes. My whole life has changed. I still have doubt that this is all a dream. That I will wake up and still be that little girl who had nothing wrong. That people will not tell me I can’t eat something because it has sugar, but then I realize that things happen for a reason and this will stay with me forever. Last year I realized that I was depressed.

Getting Type 1 Diabetes has changed my life forever.

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