Blank - l.r.h.

When Brenox Styles wakes up in a hospital bed without any recollection of why, her brother, Harry, takes it into his own hands to explain what happened. But when she is told the reason of her hospitalization, she struggles with the urge of finding out more of her mystery car accident.
How did it happen? Where was it? Did she hit them or did they hit her?
Confused and curious, Brenox impulsively tries to bring back her lost memories, but ends up sparking an old flame of her old ways - drinking, partying, and lying. That is, until an incredibly handsome boy named Luke appears on her doorstep with all the answers to every question she has about her past.

Chopped apart with blanks, will she be able to find a way to fill what she can't remember?

1. lrh

"I kinda wish I was buried

six-feet-under the ground

but oh god I wish

I was buried in your arms"


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