Blank - l.r.h.

When Brenox Styles wakes up in a hospital bed without any recollection of why, her brother, Harry, takes it into his own hands to explain what happened. But when she is told the reason of her hospitalization, she struggles with the urge of finding out more of her mystery car accident.
How did it happen? Where was it? Did she hit them or did they hit her?
Confused and curious, Brenox impulsively tries to bring back her lost memories, but ends up sparking an old flame of her old ways - drinking, partying, and lying. That is, until an incredibly handsome boy named Luke appears on her doorstep with all the answers to every question she has about her past.

Chopped apart with blanks, will she be able to find a way to fill what she can't remember?

2. I


"I can't wait to see you tonight," his soft voice flows out of the speaker in my phone, directly into my ears. "Be safe, Bren."


I smile. He always tells me to be safe.


"I will," I tell him, fumbling to put my keys into the ignition.


"Are you coming straight over or is Harry going to try to steal you again?" He teases. I can practically see his nose scrunch up and his eyes squint as he says the words.


"That depends, does he have a reason to steal me?" I counter, smirking to myself while throwing my purse in the passenger seat.


The brief memory of my older brother, Harry, robbing me from my date and forcing me to ride home with him flashes through my mind. That was before Harry knew that I was dating him. He wasn't too keen on his sister dating one of his friends.


I blink away the short flashback and check my mirrors. When I know for certain that it's clear, I slowly begin to to back out of my parking space. 


"That's for me to know," he clucks his tongue cockily, "and you to find out later."


I roll my eyes and push my blinker lever down, looking down the busy street carefully before pulling into the road. "Yeah, yeah. I'm supposed to be there at seven, right?"


I hear a rustle of what I can only assume is the scruff on his cheeks as he nods. "Mhm. Exactly seven. Tonight's special babe, don't be late this time."


"I won't. I actually like Olive Garden, unlike you, Mister 'I-don't-like-Italian-food',' I scoff. I notice the car i front of me's brake lights brighten and I slow down in response. My eyes flicker to the red light ahead of us and I sigh. "If I am late tonight, it'll be because of this stupid red light."


He chuckles. "So impatient." He drags out the 'so', making me wish I could slap him through the phone. "How far away are you?"


"About twenty minutes away, I'm on the highway." I drum my thumbs against the steering wheel, and I look back up at the red light, willing it to change.


I wait, but he doesn't say anything. He's quiet for about a minute and a half and I look down at my phone to make sure the call wasn't disconnected. "Hello?" I ask.


"Oh, um, sorry." He says, a sharp popping noise following after. "I'm just trying to get things ready for tonight. I'll see you when you get here, okay?"


"Promise you'll find me?" I shoot one last glance at the glow of the traffic light. Red. With one long sigh directed at the light, I reach into the passenger seat for my wallet. My fingers immediately find the small piece of crumpled paper in the flap on the front.


'You are not lost. Fate will find you.'


This was in the fortune cookie I had gotten from my favorite Chinese restaurant on our third date. He thought it was a cool saying. He had joked that night and kept telling me, "Hi, I'm Fate. I'll find you, girl." Until one day, the joking had stopped and he meant it.


"I promise," he says softly. "I will always find you," he breathes the last part out.



The light turns green and I press the gas, trying to get passed the traffic light before it turns red again.


"I love you so much, Brenox."


I smile and feel the heat rising quickly to my cheeks. I look down at the small little fortune in my hand and hold it tight. "I love you too," I say, before looking up and meeting a pair of bright lights coming straight for me. 

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