Kate is the average teenage girl in the average middle school. She spends most of her time on her phone or with her boyfriend, and nothing exciting ever happens in her life. Until there are five wrecks on the same road in one week, and Kate has the strong feeling that someone-or something- sinister is lurking in the woods behind her house.

3. 3

She got on the bus to Darien's house and sought him out.

When Darien spotted her, he waved her over. Kate smiled and sat down next to him.

"Ready for a totally amazing Mario-kart marathon?" he said with a small smile, his usually dark eyes lighting up with barely contained excitement.

Kate shushed him. "Don't say that so loud. I'm not, like, a nerd."

"So I'm a nerd?" He said letting a melodic laugh tumble from his lips.

"Yeah. But I don't mind that much." She grinned.

Darien stared out the window for a while, lost in thought. "You know, Kate, I had another idea for this weekend."

"And what is that?" Kate asked, looking over at him drum his fingers across the bus seat, seemingly nervous.

"Well, I was thinking we could- " Before Darien could finish speaking, his words were cut off by a loud scream of the bus engine.

The bus came to a screeching stop and they were thrown forwards. Kate hit the seat in front of her and her head snapped sideways. Screams rang through the bus and she heard a loud crunch. The bus driver turned the wheel as hard as she could to avoid colliding with more cars, and the bus flipped.

Kate rolled on top of Darien, screaming. When the bus stopped, it was on its side. Kate moaned and looked up, scared. Damien held her shoulders.

"Are you okay?" he asked. She glanced around the bus.

Kate shakily grabbed Darien's wrist and moved closer to him, needing reassurance. The bus had been thrown into a ditch by a tractor trailer, and all around her she could see other students in complete panic, some bleeding profusely and . . . bile rose to her mouth when she saw some lying motionless. The bus had the pungent scent blood and gasoline. 

Kate looked over at Darien once more and spotted a small cut above his brow. "Are you okay?" Kate whispered frantically, suddenly grasping the severity of the situation. 

"I'm just fine, Don't worry about me." He said, brushing a gentle hand across her cheek. Kate's eyelids fluttered shut and her pulse began to slow, knowing Darien would keep her safe. She rifled through her belongings looking for her cell phone; when she found it Kate dialed 911.

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