Kiss My Ass (School Girl Justin Bieber Fanfiction)



1. New Girl

I'm Victoria, the new girl in whatever they call this... school, let's just say if anybody messes with me they can say bye to there reputation and get ready for humiliation.
     I didn't know what this school's dress code was so I wore what I felt like wearing and let me tell you straight up, I'm not a whore, slut, bitch, thot, hoe, prostitute, none of that,I I wear what I feel like wearing and if you don't like it well fuck off. (Picture to the side). I entered the school and the principal called me to his office, mind you he's scared of my father so he can't send me to detention or get me in trouble. " Ms.Torrez you have decided to wear something that is inappropriate for school grounds and you knowing that because you are a very very smart woman, I'll let it slide. Don't get into to much trouble." He said looking directly at me. "One. Whatever. Two. Maybe. Three. Stop looking at me that way before I call the cops. Four. Where's my locker?" I said slightly annoyed.
"Your locker is number 2146" he said smiling up at me.
"Thanks" I said fake smiling and throwing the apple I had in my hands at him, hoping he would miss it, and he did. I left his office. Let the door close. And walked to locker 2146.
  I pasted by a lot of people leaning against the doors, walls, windows and lockers of the hallway,  I passed by three guys that were staring at me, one with his mouth wide open, the other in some sort of a trance and waving his hand at me like he was trying to shoo away a fly.    
The one in the middle of both of them looked at what they were looking towards and his eyes met mine, he looked back at his friends and slapped them in the back of the head. He put his hands through his hair. I kept walking towards locker 2146 and finally found it. Dropping my backpack to the floor. Opening the locker. Taking out my books and putting them inside the locker. I put some mirrors, little hangers for my jewelry, perfume, hair holders, nail polish, make up, you know what type of things I'm talking about, hey if I'm gonna be in this school for a 4 years I'm gonna make myself comfortable. I grabbed a mirror and started applying my lipstick again, I put it away. Grabbed my water bottle, put my straw inside, and drank until some girl passed by with like 3 other girls behind her.

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