Yours truly,

Everyone says long distance relationships never last, but Rorey and Colden always said it was different with them.


2. Dear Rorey,

Dear Rorey,

It seems like it's been forever. I can't wait for the summer. It's just November and your birthday will be here soon. I can't believe your going to be 18. I remember the day we met. Your were 6 and I was 8. I never told you this before, but I remember drawing a picture of you that night. I printed the word MOM in all caps under it. I drew myself next. I wrote DAD underneath the crayon version of me. Then I wrote "the perfect family" underneath in my best swirly letters. I can't believe at the age of 8 I knew what I wanted. I knew from that day on i wanted you to be mine. I still love you. Even more than I did before. Anyways, college is great. I met a new freshmen named Laurel Hunters. She is really funny. Don't worry she's taken by my friend Kaleb. Anyways, I can't wait to see you when you come and visit next weekend. I think you'll really like my friends. Going out with my friends was fun. Honestly, I don't remember what happened. I just remember being in the finals for our little beer pong tournament. I went with Laurel and Kaleb, but Laurel doesn't like to drink, and got pretty mad at Kaleb. But she got over it by the next day. So, how are you? Write back soon. Miss you.


Colden Hart.

I reread it and sent it. God I miss her so much. Well I can't just sit here and mope, I have some

Two hours later!

After a couple hours of studying I text Kaleb.

To Kaleb:

Hey where are you?


Are you making out with Laurel?

Dude stop sucking of her face and text me! Where the hell are you?!?

From Kaleb:

Hey sorry was with Laurel ;) I'm in her dorm. You can come up if you want.

To Kaleb:

I'll be there in 5

As I walk to Laurel's dorm I look up at the stars. Man they look beautiful in the fall. I instantly think of Rorey. She has to be looking at them right now from her bedroom window. There's a lot of memories from that window. I remember all the times I would look out my grandparents window and see her just sitting up there, staring, dreaming, thinking. She looked so beautiful. I would yell out to her and she would have the biggest smile on her face. Man I don't know why or how but she always made me smile and I would make her smile. I love her.

To Rorey:

Do you see them stars up there?

Rorey P.O.V

I was looking out of my window wondering if I should go outside and lay on the roof. When I got a text from Colden.

From Colden:

Do you see them stars up there?

To Colden:

Of course I do.

From Colden:

When they shine that bright know I'm there. In your heart. We are miles apart and I make them shine that bright just for you to look and smile to. To dream and think to. I love you!

To Colden:

I love you too. You always know how to make my heart melt.

From Colden:

Well it's getting late and you have school tomorrow.. Goodnight beautiful! Love you!

To Colden:

Goodnight!! I love you too!!

I click send and put my phone on the charger, go to my bathroom, wash my face, put my pj's on and go to bed. Dreaming about next week end, when I can finally see my man.

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