Yours truly,

Everyone says long distance relationships never last, but Rorey and Colden always said it was different with them.


3. 3. Dear Colden,

Dear Colden,

It was so great to see you this weekend! I'm glad that you made new friends. Wow I sound like a mom with a kid who doesn't have any friends.


I paused for a second. I thought about Kaleb. He was nice and funny, the perfect friend for Colden. But most of all, I thought about Laurel. She was different. A good different. She had shoulder length blonde hair, and when she smiled it seemed to big for her face. She was pretty. Her best feature was her blue eyes. They were beautiful at first glance, but when you got closer. They looked pained, as if she had seen to much. But she didn't act troubled at all. She was all happy go- lucky. It was like a mystery. I liked that.


I miss you so much! I love you! I know you have that paper due tomorrow. Tell me how you do in your next email.

Yours truly,

Rory Rae

I clicked send and went down stairs to eat.

"It's nice to see you honey" my mom said in a sweet voice. I just nodded in response.

She works late and right now is 9:15pm. My dad was in the living room watching CSI. I walk in and sit right next to him and put my head on his shoulder. Me and my dad have a weird relationship we didn't talk a lot up until when I was 12 just about to turn 13. My dad is a workaholic and it was late October, it was a weekend I went to a Halloween party and spent the night. The next day my friend Nichole's mom picked us up and we went to her house. We hung out of a little bit then went to the hospital to see our friend Kailye. She was in because her appendix burst. Well we were there for about 2 hours we were playing candy land and my mom called me she was freaking out she told me that my dad was working on the roof and he fell off he broke his leg and that she was coming to get me to go to a better hospital. I got up and yelled my dad fell off the roof! I ran out of the hospital and outside by the main entrance. About 5 minutes later an ambulance rushed passed and then came my mom. It took about 20 minutes to get to the other hospital and in those 20 minutes I was freaking out. We finally got there and went to the emergency area and found my dad. He was fine just in a lot of pain. So turns out he broke his tibia and he had to get surgery. He was in the hospital for Halloween and my birthday. My 13th. He got out the day after my birthday. His recovery lasted 5 months. Those 5 months were fun. Instead of me barley getting to see him I saw him everyday, we grew close.

After a short conversation with my dad, I went upstairs to call Colden.

No answer. I redialed. Still no answer.

Then I remembered he was going out again. Honestly, I hate it when he goes out. It makes me nervous. I trust him, I just don't trust the other girls there.


Colden P.O.V

I got to the party and instantly wanted to leave and call Rorey. She knew how to make everything better. I miss her with all of my heart. I know guys have to begging her to give them the time of day. She's beautiful, her tan skin that gets even darker in the summer, and her dark brown hair that goes down to her shoulders and brings out her face. Her big gorgeous brown eyes. She's so gorgeous, I don't know how I became so lucky to have her.

After I get back to reality, I turn off my phone and go get a beer. I run into Kaleb and Laurel. Laurels half drunk and won't stop giggling, it's kind of annoying.

"Hey dude, it's about time you've gotten here" says Kaleb.

I laugh and say "Hey at least I came. I was thinking about skipping and just call Rorey and talk to her."

He just nodded and left. So I stood there and thought, "I can stay here and get drunk and have a horrible hangover, or I can go home and call Rorey." So I ended going home. I looked at the time, it was 10:15. I seemed kind of late so I just text her.

To Rorey:

Hey babe you still up?

She text back almost instantly.

From Rorey:


So I called her. We talked for about 40 minutes and I told her to go to bed and I'll text her tomorrow. I took a quick shower and went to bed.


I woke up the next morning at 10:15, I dragged myself out of my warm cozy bed and went to get breakfast. It's a Sunday, ugh tomorrow I have to go back to school. I thought about Rorey, she must be in church with her parents. Unless her dad didn't feel like going, then she did have to go. She hates to go, but her dad makes her so she has no choice. I went with then once. We couldn't stop talking and laughing, so her mom sent us out to the car.

At around noon I texted her.

To Rorey:

Hey baby. What are you doing?

From Rorey:

Hey at lunch with mom, dad, and Jason.

To Rorey:

Did you go to church this morning?

From Rorey:

Yup. So tired right now..

To Rorey:

Oh. I wish I was there to cuddle with you.

From Rorey:

Yeah me too!! My birthday is in 10 days!!

To Rorey:

I know I can't wait! I can't believe your going to be 18!! I love you so so so much!

From Rorey:

I love you too so so so so so much!!

To Rorey:

Well I'll text you later. Bye babes!!

From Rorey:

Bye baby!!


I put my phone away and and went to Kaleb's apartment. Of course he was naked in bed with Laurel. I wanted to gouge my eyes out. They just laughed and started making out again. I left and went back to my place, with nothing to do.

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