One course of love

It’s a story about two best friends, Leia and Nadia. They’re both in the early 20’s with steady jobs. They decide to take a course in psychology in the local university. There Leia meets the man of her dreams. The problem is, it’s her teacher. Is it happy ever after or doomed from the start?

Author Notes: Warning! Some sexual content. Will mention when it does appear.
This story has never happened. It’s only written for fun. It has a POV (point of view) in it. Feedback is always welcome. Good or bad.


4. Chapter 4 (POV)

Richard's POV


Another evening class was ahead. It took me forever to get ready. I knew I would be late. I should never have taken this job in the first place. It was too far away. I couldn't decide what to wear. It was much easier before. But how would I have known I would be stared at by a young woman, Leia. There were something so innocent but at the same time exciting about her. I didn't want to give her the wrong idea. Maybe it wasn't important. She would still stare no matter what. I had to leave so I just took something wearable from the closet. I drove as fast as I could but of course I got a ticket. Shit happens. When I finally get to the university, what do I see. Leia looking sexy. Now that's something new. I liked that. I should stop thinking about her. Stick to the plan, mate. I get the class started. Everything goes well. Take 10, I said to the students. Some of them leave but not Leia. Damn, I have to pretend doing something else. But as curious as I am, I had to look at her. She looked sexy with that pen in her mouth. Now she pretends to suck it. I have to get out quickly. Need the bathroom. Luckily no one was there. I splash water on my face. I look myself in the mirror. I tell myself I'm her teacher and she's my student. Why does that sound dirty? I got to get those thoughts out of my head. I throw the paper towel that I dried my face with in the bin. I leave.


“Is it hot in the classroom?”

Damn, she's here. Oh great. I hope no one notice. She says my name. Doesn't she know there are people around? She really tries. If she only knew. I walk back to the classroom. I need to concentrate. Things go well until she wants to say something. Why is she torturing me? I better not notice. But of course she still talks. Why did I pick human behavior for today? She does have point but it feels this is personal. I really don't want to answer. She does sound hostile suddenly. Luckily the class is dismissed. What a relief. I sit down by my desk. I can hear Nadia talk. I don't dare to look what Leia is doing. I hear them leave. I have to know if something is wrong. When I'm finally alone with her I ask her. Nothing is wrong, she says. Fair enough. I almost say I like her. Luckily she leaves. That was close. Time for me to go. It's gonna be hell of a weekend. If only Tuesday would arrive soon so I could see Leia. I really should get a date. This infatuation is soon gonna go too far.

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