One course of love

It’s a story about two best friends, Leia and Nadia. They’re both in the early 20’s with steady jobs. They decide to take a course in psychology in the local university. There Leia meets the man of her dreams. The problem is, it’s her teacher. Is it happy ever after or doomed from the start?

Author Notes: Warning! Some sexual content. Will mention when it does appear.
This story has never happened. It’s only written for fun. It has a POV (point of view) in it. Feedback is always welcome. Good or bad.


10. Chapter 10 (POV)

Richard's POV

Just what I was afraid of. I was falling for my student. Something had changed but I blame myself for that. The way we kissed made me forget that we were in classroom with the door open. Anyone could have caught us. I was actually ready to take her right there but luckily she stopped me. She was really upset about that. She didn't even talk to me in the car when I took her home. I followed from the car where she was going but I missed it. I could feel the coldness when I smiled at her when I arrived to class. She was just wearing unrevealed clothes unlike Nadia. She kept flirting with me. But if she thought I would find that sexy, she was wrong. On the break she tried to seduce me but I was more embarrassed than flattered. But she did tell me something interesting. Leia was still a virgin. That explained a lot. I was surprised because when she kissed me, it didn't show. Knowing the fact, got me even more interested. Not because of it but the thought I could teach her more than psychology. When I smiled at her when I got back to the classroom she smiled back. That made me feel relieved, knowing she was OK. During class, Nadia interrupted me with a question. I knew she was trying to embarrass me but she didn't succeed. I guess she wanted me to fail. I don't know why. Maybe she fancied me too.


When the evening was over, I replied sarcastically to her. I was actually more irritated that she was still in the classroom. I wanted to kiss Leia so badly. I thought I could but then she wanted her friend to be there. I offered her my phone number since she didn't want to come home with me. I actually lied to her I wouldn't do anything. I would. Not force her but use persuasion. She was smart not to. She could have at least taken my number. When she left the classroom, I was already thinking of running after her but I let it go. I just had to wait for our next meeting. It felt like ages. I just had to be patient.

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