Fresh from the block

this is no ordinary nerd
as you will find out


2. Treasure pt.1

Dylan's P.o.v

"Dylan, how about you go down to Central Park and make some friends." Mom said leaning against the doorway. I was to busy on my Xbox to listen to her, "Dylan don't make me say it again!" She started to get frustrated and before I knew it she pulled the plug to the TV. "I was about to win!" I was frustrated.

"You can go back on this when you come back from the Park." She smiled feeling accomplished. "Fine.." I mumbled as I went out of my room. The weather in New York was warm. I walked down to the park thinking about how boring it is going to be. When I got there, there was lots of kids running around and playing.

Adults talking to one another and lots of food carts. I looked in my pocket and saw that I left some money in there from the other day. I got some food and sat down looking at my notebook and phone. A few minutes later I saw a couple kids my age run past me towards a cave like thing. My curiousness got the best of me and decided to follow them.

When they got to there location and stopped they all looked at a thing that is glowing kind of. "Jack pick it up!" One kid yelled. "No way Tarkon! Who knows what would happen! Maybe the Earth would blow up!" The Jack said over exaggerating. "The world wont blow up over one little glowing stone you know?" I said stepping out of the shadow.

The kids were so scared, "Hey what are you doing here?!" Tarkon shuddered stepping back. "Im not going to hurt you. My name's Dylan and I was just curious from when you guys were running past me to this cave like thing." I confessed looking at them. They just nodded, "Well I'm Sharon and as you know that's Jack and Tarkon." He pointed at the boys behind him. "So, why wont you guys touch the stone?" I asked looking at it taking notes.

"Cause we don't know what would happen!" Jake freaked out. "Well there's one way to find out." I said picking up the stone.


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