Fresh from the block

this is no ordinary nerd
as you will find out


1. Dylan

Dylan and his family moved to New York for one reason and one reason only -to get Dylan some friends-because in the country of England there is hardly anyone Dylan's age for him to play with so by this Dylan only ever sat alone in his bedroom either watching tv or hacking military codes in search of something fun to do.

Of course like any normal parent his mother and father had to take action(mainly because he wasted a lot of electricity)and so Dylan's dad Jeff said that he got a promotion at work(he didn't he acually got fired for under working)but all those in the house had believed him and asked him where he was working now he said "New York baby thats right we're gonna live in america where anything can happen the city of dreams!! oh and Dylan you can get some friends aswell we go in two days so get packing!!" so with that Dylan went upstairs to pack his things he only had:3 pairs of jeans, 2 track suits, 3 shirts and three pairs of underwear (3 pairs of socks and 4 pairs of undies) he basically had a case for his xbox, ps3, laptop, phone and notepad.

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