It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



54. Weak.

Chapter 50.

*2 days later*

I have been feeling a touch back to normal. But I'm still quite depressed. And to be honest i don't think i will be happy again for a while.

I pulled out my phone.

New message

To: Lukas , Mikey , Ash , Cal

Boys. Im coming to get you all. My license was verified, and it came in the mail today! Oh, bring some swim trucks and a towel. And can one of you bring me a t-shirt?


I sent the message and waited for their replies. 3 minutes later i checked my phone and had multiple messages.

From: Ash

Okay.... ? Lol. See you in a bit.


From: Ash


I giggled.

From: Cal

Hey. I will be ready when ever you get here!


From: Mikey

Hey beautiful. I will grab you a t-shirt. See you in a bit! Xoxo

From: Lukas

Im coming in your room....

Seconds later my window flew open and Luke swooped into my room. He stood in front of the window with the famous super hero pose.

We laughed.

"Hey hey hey mads." He said happily.

He turned around and pulled his swim shorts and towel from his room before closing his window and mine.

"Hey hey hey Lukey." I smiled.

"Someones sounding better?"

"Just a better day." I smiled.

I walked over to my closet and slid open the doors.

"Want to help me choose a bathing suit?" I asked.

"Sure." He smiled.

I opened up a little drawer in my closet and grabbed all of my swimsuits.

All of them were bikinis. Im not a fan of wearing them but I don't have anything else.

He held up my small tribal print top. It is one of those that has has large triangles to cover my chest and then strings that tie at the back and around my back. He grabbed a pair of black and white bottoms. They had a little bow at each side. They were white on the front and black in the back.

"I like these." He said holding them up to himself.

"Hmm...Okay." I said.

I grabbed them from him and turned around. Facing my closet again. I grabbed a pair of light denim shorts. That were quite short. They were high waisted. I grabbed my white tank top that said "fuck off," in black letters across it.

"You best not try and peek." I said.

I slid off my pants and pulled my top down before I took off my panties. I slid them down and quickly pulled on my bikini bottoms. Luke hadnt seen my newest addition to my wrist so i kind of tried to hide it as I slipped off my top. I undid my bra and thew it at Luke.

"Seriously?" He laughed.

I grabbed my bikini top and slid it over my bare breasts. I crossed my arms over my boobs and backed up to Luke.

"Can you tie these?" I asked.

I felt his warm hand graze my back and grab the strings. I felt the strings get tight on my back.

"Is that good? Or too tight?" He asked.

"Its good. Could you do a double bow please?"


He continued to tie. He finished his bow and moved up to tie the string up at my neck. Without thinking i took my arms and held up my hair.

"Oh..." He said as he grabbed my wrist carefully. He kissed it. Then continued.

"Is this good?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah." I could tell he was upset.

He finished. I turned around to face him.

"Look okay?" I asked.

"Looks great."

I put my shorts and tank on top. I pulled his hand and we went into my bathroom. I grabbed my large bag off my door. I bent down to the cupboards on my vanity.

"Can you hold this open please?" I asked.

He obliged and held the large bag open. I grabbed my sunscreen, tanning lotion and moisturizer from under the sink. I threw them all into the bag.

We then went into the hall closet. I grabbed 2 towels, one to lay on the other to dry off. I stopped at my dresser on our way down stairs so i could grab my ray-bans. We ran down the stairs and into the backyard. We walked across the large yard over to the large shed. I opened it, and retrieved the un blown tubes, my noodles, a few balls and my frisbee. I made sure to grab my volley ball.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Ready." He took all of the stuff to Gump's car and put it inside while i got the keys. I got them and ran out to the car.

I slowly opened the drivers side door and hopped in. I put the key in the ignition. I started to have flash backs of the crash. My hands began to shake on the wheel and my breathing started to get heavier.

"You okay to drive? Do you want me to?" Luke asked worriedly.

"I-uh. Yes can you drive please?" I spluttered out.

"Yep." He got out.

I opened my door and shakily stood up. I slowly walked to the passenger side. I opened the door and hopped in. I tried to slow my breathing. I know an anxiety attack is coming on. Luke got in the car and looked at me.

"Take my hand and breathe." He said calmly. Knowing what was about to happen.

I grabbed his hand, and brought it to my lap. I squeezed with all my strength. I took deep breaths and exhaled slowly.

It took my about 4 pain staking minutes but i finally fought off the anxiety.

"Sorry if i hurt your hand..." I trailed off.

"You didn't. Your actually pretty weak."

I smiled and gave his hand a kiss before giving it back for him to drive with. He pulled off heading to Calum's house first because its the closest.

He pulled into his driveway and honked the horn twice. We saw Calum wave to us from his room window. He disappeared from the window, only to reappear at the front door.

"Im leaving mum!" We heard him yell.

We giggled slightly.

He opened the trunk of the car and threw his stuff in. He got into the back seat.

"Hi cal!" I said happily.

"Hellloooo!" He yelled.

Luke pulled away. I reached forward an turned on the cd player option on the radio. I hit play and all time low's new album came on. (Have you guys heard it yet? Jesus christ i am obsessed tbh.) Kicking and screaming came on. We all started to sing along, well yell along.



KICKING AND SCREAMING!" We kept singing.

I got really into it and began to sing in normally, but my rocker way. The chorus came again and i sang it with a roughness to my voice i didn't know i had. Cool!

The song ended just as we pulled into Ashton's driveway. Luke honked twice before looking at me. Jaw dropped. I looked at Calum and he had the same expression.

"What?" I asked worriedly.

"Your fucking amazing!!" They both yelled at me.

I looked down and blushed. "Thanks.... Not really bu-"

"Are you kidding? Your really really fucking amazing." Luke yelled.

"Fucking amazing!" Calum agreed.

"Thanks guys." I said shyly.

Ashton ran towards the car popping the truck, he too threw his stuff into the truck then opened the door to the back.

I hit pause on the radio so the next song wouldn't start. I looked at the boys.

"Hey ash! So we are going to have a bit of a drive before we get there. So i would suggest so that you guys are most comfortable, i will go sit in the back seat. And then maybe ashton can drive because i know he knows how to get there?" I suggested.

"Sure." They all said.

I got out and went to the back. I stopped ashton and told him where we were going, before letting him go to the drivers seat. He smiled at me as he walked away. Luke got into the passenger seat. Ashton pulled away from his driveway heading toward Michael's house.

"Luke can you hit play please?" I asked.

He reached forward and turned hit play.

Cinderblock garden started to play. My favourite song on the album. I got more into it then kicking and screaming. I couldn't help but sing the song. Especially at the chorus.




After the first chorus we were at Michael's house. This time Ash beeped the horn a couple times. Michael came running out. He went to the trunck and put his stuff in it. I unbuckled my seat belt and slid over to the middle seat, i buckled up again.

Michael opened the door and got in, he leaned over to me and placed a quick kiss on my lips before buckling up. He took my hand in his and intertwined our fingers before putting our hands in his lap. I smiled at him.

"Okay, I have an announcement!" Luke yelled.

He turned down the radio so he could be heard.


We all laughed.

"Can i come?" I asked him.

"YES!" He yelled.

"Why are you yelling?" Ashton asked.


"Not at all..." Ashton said back.

We all laughed.

"Who is going to do the next announcement?" Calum asked.

"What?" I asked.

"I AM GOING TO DO IT THEN!" Calum exclaimed.

"We have decided as a band, that we are going to play a gig. See how that goes and if it goes good we will do it again if not we will see if that happens." He said.

I clapped my hands "YAY! This is good! When?"

"This weekend!" Michael yelled, taking my hand back.

"We need to make some shirts with tour new logo on it!" I said.

"Yes yes yes!" Luke yelled.

"This is going to be a good time!" I yelled.

"Where are we going?" Michael asked me.

I put my finger over his lips. "Its a secret."

We laughed.

Luke turned up the radio again.

We jammed all the to our destination.

\\at unknown destination//

We all got out of the car and got our stuff. We headed for the beach. I brought them here because it is a beach yes, but apparently its the nicest is oz. And there is a small cliff if you walk down the beach. (This is completely made up just saying. Like the song, just saying jokes sorry.)

"Whats so special about this place?" Calum asked.

"I will tell you that is apparently the best beach in oz. but i will show you why later." I said. "I do need you to carry your stuff for a bit..."

I got a chorus of groans in return. I giggled. I grabbed Michael's hand and laced our fingers.

We walked for about 10 minutes.

"Guys we are here. Stop complaining." I whined. They all looked in front of them and saw the medium sized cliff.

"What?" Luke said.

"We are going to cliff jump, then go back to where the car is and be at the beach." I said nonchalantly.

"This sounds fun." Ashton said.

I put my stuff down and stripped off. The boys took off their shirts and set their stuff down.

"Hey did you happen to bring me a shirt?" I whispered to Michael.

"Yeah, I also brought a sweatshirt of mine." He whispered back.

"I love you."

"I love you too." He said back.

We all started to get to the top of the cliff, from this little path that leads to the top.

Once we got there all the boys were asking questions about it.

"Yes ashton. Many people have done it here. It is safe. There aren't any rocks here, and its deep enough." I said.

"Okay..." Ashton said.

I looked over the edge of the cliff.

"This is scarier then i thought..." I mumbled.

"Can we all go together?" Luke asked.

"Yeah!" Calum yelled.

We all got to the edge.

"Okay on three?" I said.

"1...." Ashton said.

"2...." Michael said.

"3!" Calum yelled.

We all leaped off the cliff. I screamed all the way down but the guys man-screamed. The feeling is indescribable. I feel so free. There is no worry. Adrenaline is pumping. Everything seems okay.

I hit the water hard. I was swallowed by coldness. I swam up to the top.

All the guys were already there.

"THE WATER IS COLD!" I whined.

We all started to swim away to the shore. In a couple minutes we were at the shore. Right where we left our stuff. We all got out o the water and dried off. Of course I was shaking because i was cold.

"That was the best thing ever!" I exclaimed. "Can we all causally have a group hug to warm me up?" I asked. All the boys came over and pressed their bodies to mine. They all wrapped their arms around me. They were so warm and i am so cold.

"Your really cold." Ashton said.

"Mhmm." I said. "I am always cold, but im freezing right now."

"I'll say." Luke said.

They pulled away. I picked up my bag with all my stuff.

"Ashton....?" I asked.


"Can I have a piggy back ride?"

"Ye-" Michael cur him off.

"I will give you a piggy back." He said.

He stepped in front of me and i hopped on him. I wrapped my arms around his bare chest. My legs wrapped around his torso. He passed me the towel he had around him. I wrapped it around my back. I put my head on his shoulder.

"You know i asked ashton because he was literally standing right beside me." I whispered into his ear so no one would hear.

"I know."

I drew little things on his chest. Like hearts and happy faces i also wrote a lot of 'i love you's.'

We got back to the part of the beach where our car is.

Michael let me off his back. I dropped my bag down and put my dry towel down on the sand. The guys did the same. I laid down on my towel, again the boys copied.

"I love you guys. I don't know where i would be if i hadn't met you all." I said.

"WE LOVE YOU TOO!" They all exclaimed.

We talked about random things and watched as the sun set.

"Have we really been here this long?" Calum asked.

"Well i had everyone in the car by 10... And its 8 now... So yes." I said.

"I think we should probably go, so that our parents don't wonder where we are..." Luke said.

We all agreed. We started to pack up. When we finished we all put our stuff in the trunk if the car. Calum drove this time. Luke kept his seat in the front and Ashton came to sit in the back with me and Michael.

Michael leaned to me and put his mouth to my ear. "Why don't you come to my house? My parents aren't home they went over to some relatives house for the weekend. And I'm sure you don't want to stay alone..."

"Yeah okay. That sounds good." I whispered back.


Everyone burst into laughter. We had so many laughing fits. On the way home.

We got to Calum's house first. He got out and Michael got into the drivers seat.

We all waved to Calum as he left. I rolled down my window.

"BYE!" I yelled. The other boys yelled as well.

He waved back and he entered the house. We then dropped off Ashton. We did the same thing. Then Luke.

"Are you coming mads?" Luke asked.

"I'm going to go to Mikes..." I said.

"No sexual activities." He warned.

We laughed.

"Im serious!" We laughed more.

"We wont!" I yelled.

"Okay bye guys." Luke said.

"BYE!" We yelled.

I slid up to the front seat. Michaels hand found it way to my thigh as he was driving. I leaned my head on his shoulder and enjoyed the peace. Michael drew lazy circles on my thigh with his thumb, which gave me chills.

Michael giggled at me.

"You wanna go there?" I mocked. Knowing the slightest touch of my hand on his thigh and he was rock hard.

He stopped laughing. "Thats what i thought."

We laughed.


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