It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



40. Vanilla.

Chapter 39.

"Awe guysss I love you too! Now come 'ere." I practically shouted at them.

Luke, Calum then Ashton all came over. I hugged them and kissed them on their cheeks. They kissed my cheek back of course, which made me blush. Michael came over last. He pulled me into a large hug. Holding me tight, almost as if he let go I would break into a million pieces. I liked that. We pulled away, and I was about to place a kiss on his cheek when he turned his head making me give him a proper kiss. It only lasted a couple seconds because the rest of the guys were here but thats okay. I felt sparks and the butterflies that permanently nest in my stomach decided to show up.

I smiled at him as we pulled away and he gave me a cheeky grin back.

"Do you guys know when I can leave?" I asked them all hoping one of them would know the answer.

"Well, are you ready know?" Luke asked.

"Yeah..." I said not to sure what he was getting at.

"Come on then, lets get out of here." Michael urged.

Calum went to get a nurse so she could unhook me from all the machines. Ashton grabbed the clothes I guess they had brought for me.

The nurse came back with Calum, and she started to detach the tubes from me. I wasn't a nice feeling but it didn't hurt.

"Alrighty, thats the last of them. Have a good day hun, and make sure i don't see you back here, okay?" She smiled at me.

"Okay." I smiled at her back.

Calum tossed me my clothes.

"Here throw these on. We will turn around. But i mean its not like we haven't seen you bare before..." He trailed off.

"I will turn around." I said slowly standing up. I lost my balance and started to fall but Ashton caught me.

"Thanks Ash." I said while looking down a little embarrassed that i almost fell.

"No problem." He gave me a wink before letting me go gently and steadying me before walking to the boys.

The guys brought me a pair of grey sweatpants and a WE ARE THE SICKEST KIDS t-shirt. I do have other clothes other than band merch, but I prefer to wear my merch, opps? I slid the gown off and was left in my blue lace-y bra and matching underwear. I slowly slid on my track pants so i didn't move any bandages or anything. I then started to put my arms up to put my shirt on but it hurt like hell. I groaned in pain.

"Ugh. Guys can you help me please..." I asked quietly.

They all rushed over. Michael took the t-shirt from me and Luke and Calum stood at my sides with ashton standing behind me. Michael opened up the shirt and they started with my left arm.

"Let us know if we're hurting you." Michael said. I nodded in response.

Luke was on my left so he slowly guided my arm through. Michael then adjusted the way he was standing so they could do my other arm. Calum opened up the arm hole and slid my arm in carefully. Then Michael stepped closer and reached his arms up a little so the head hole was actually at my head. Ashton opened up the head hole and they got my head inside, ashton slowly rolled down the shirt from the back so they wouldn't have to go near the wounds on my belly.

"Thank you." I said to them a little sadly that I couldn't put my own shirt on.

"No worries. We got to see your pretty bra." Calum said giving me an over exaggerated wink. I went to hit his chest but I couldn't because of the pain.

"I would hit you, but it hurts too much to do that. But it is my favourite bra so I don't blame you." I said smirking.

We all laughed.

"Lets go!" Ashton yelled.

We all giggled and walked out.

We stopped at the front desk to make sure it was fine to leave.

"Uh, Maddy... I was in room 552, we are heading out now." I told the lady at the desk.

"Yep thats fine, your uncle signed the papers before he left so your good to go. Feel better!" She told me.

"Thank you." I said back, so that i didn't sound rude.

We all headed slowly to Ashton's car. We had some small, random conversations going. We finally got to the car.

"Shot gun!" Calum yelled running to the front seat.

We all laughed at him.

Ashton got into the drivers seat, Calum got into the front seat and Luke, Michael and I were forced into the back.

I had to get into the middle because i was the smallest. Michael sat on my right and Luke on my left.

Ashton started the car and started to pull out of the hospital. We drove over a speed bump which made me hit my new stitches.

"Ah fuck." I said in pain. Im not a large swearer unless I'm in pain. Then I have a trucker mouth.

"Sorry." Ashton mumbled.

I leaned my head onto Michael's chest and I put my legs across Luke's thighs. I closed my eyes, still tired from the sleeping medication they had gave me.

My arms wrapped around Mikey. Michael's left arm carefully rested on my waist while his right hand rested on mine. Luke put his one arm around my legs to keep them from moving, so it wouldn't hurt if we hit a bump or something. His one hand rubbed the side of my thigh slowly. I honestly love these guys so much.

I started to drift off to sleep when the car pulled into somewhere. I opened my eyes slightly and saw we were at an ice cream place, which conveniently had a drive-thru.

My eyes widened and i sat up a little bit. But still keeping my original position.

"Is everyone good with vanilla?" Ashton asked us.

4 yeses chorused out.

The car pulled up to the speaker and Ashton ordered 5 medium vanilla ice creams. He then pulled up further to a window and payed, as the. Worker handed the ice creams to us. As the worker was passing the to Ashton, Ashton was passing them to Calum.

He pulled away and got back onto the road. Calum handed us our ice creams. We all ate them in bliss that we were eating ice cream.

"Thanks Ashton!" We all yelled.

We all laughed and continued our journey home.

After I finished my ice cream I laid back down in my original position and slowly fell asleep.


2 updates in one day? I think yes.

Thank you so so much for 4k reads. I honestly started this book one day because i stayed home from school and was board, who knew people would actually like it?!


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