It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



46. Torture.

Chapter 44.

Michael and I reached the truck. I recognized the truck as Michael's dads. He must have lent it to him. Michael lifted me up so I was in the flat part of the truck (lol idk what thats called so...?). I was instantly joyed and surprised at what I saw. The truck had multiple blankets and pillows in it.

I sat down by a pillow, facing the water. Michael got up easily and sat down beside me.

"See, I brought my laptop and another 2 batteries for when it dies. I also brought a phone an aux cord for the truck. I also brought snacks for later." Michael said smiling.

"Awe Mikey. Its perfect." I said smiling.

"I try." He said keeping the gorgeous smile of his on display.

He grabbed his laptop, and opened it up. He had already downloaded 5 movies for us to watch. He had

-The Notebook


-Mean Girls

-its kind of a funny story


-the art of getting by.

"Before we pick lets get comfy." He said.

I rounded up all the pillows and brought them to the side of the truck our heads would be on. I laid back and pulled Michael with me. He put the laptop about at my knees, between us so that we could both easily see the screen. However he pulled me close to him so that I was leaning against him. My back against his chest and my head on his shoulder. I started to get chilly so i pulled a blanket over me.

"Wait! I brought track pants and a sweater for you" he started. He reached through the mini window of the truck and grabbed the clothes. "I knew you would get cold so..." He trailed off.

"Thank you." I said happily. I took the clothes and stood up. "You've seen me without pants before but you better not peek." I said pulling a blanket over his head.

He laughed at me.

I took off my shorts and let them fall to the floor of the truck. I didn't want him to look because of my undies. They were black and they made my butt look nice i just- i don't really know to be honest. I just didn't want him too.

I slid on the grey track pants.

"Ah frick." I said as the pants grazed my stitches creating a bad pain.

"You okay?" Michael asked.


I pulled the sweater over my t-shirt. I made my way back over to Michael. And i sat the same way I was before. My hands are really cold, like always. But the not-so-warm air against them made them colder. I pulled my hands into the sweater trying not to let Michael see.

He didn't.

Michael reached forward and pressed play on 'Its Kind Of A Funny Story.'

About 20 minutes in, the sun started to set, making it colder outside, therefore making my hands colder.

I reached behind me and casually slid my hands up Michael's shirt. Slowly pressing my cold hands to Michael's abs. He filched away at the coldness.

"Jesus. Are your hands always cold" he said sarcastically.

"Yes." I said matter-of-factly.

He giggled quietly to himself.

He put his hands over his shirt on top of mine. Making my hands press into his stomach. The warmth of him coming onto both sides of my hands. Once my hands were warmish i started to trail my finger tips up and down his stomach slowly.

He leaned his lips down to my ear.

"Maddy?" He whispered.

"Michael?" I mocked.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" He asked in the same tone.

"Yes." I said simply.

I turned around so I was facing him. Pressing my palms to his stomach how they were before but this time it meant something different.

He pulled my closed by my hips. I leaned in and put my lips on his. He instantly took control.

(Things may get heated. Read at your own risk.)

He pulled me on top of him. And kissed me more. The way he kissed me was passionate and romantic. It felt different, knowing I was his and he was mine. I was straddling him and I could feel a growing erection under me. However I choose to ignore it and not to embarrass him.

He flipped us so he was on top of me. My hands roamed under his shirt.

"Frick." I said in a groan.

"What?" He asked concerned.

"My stitches hit the hem if your shirt and it just hurt thats all." I said to him like it was no big deal.

"Let me fix that..." He said with a slight smirk.

He ripped off his shirt, throwing it with my shorts. I looked at his bare chest. He was truly beautiful. He is toned perfectly and muscular. He continued to kiss me.

He separated from me and started to kiss down my jaw. He kissed my neck.

I let out a small groan as he found my sensitive spot. He sucked on it slightly. Im sure he left a mark.

I started to remember the times I was raped. As he kissed my neck like this. It was like I was in and out of reality. I remember his stubbled face going down my neck leaving deep purple marks.

I started to shake at the memory.

"...Michael." I said softly. He ignored me and continued to kiss down my neck even more aggressively. I realized that i was only imagining this and calmed down.

"Whats wrong?" He asked while putting a hand on my cheek.

I flinched as he touched me. He pulled his hand away put i grabbed it and put it back.

"No-I-I'm sorry. I just- when you were doing that i just remembered him doing that and i just-i couldn't handle it." I said trying not to breakdown. He opened his legs and placed me between them. My back was leaning into him. He lightly played with my hair.

"Its okay." He said lightly.

"I just- I feel you but all I can remember is him." I said lightly. My breathing started to pick up. I think Michael noticed.

"Maddy... Shh, listen to me okay? You need to breathe. Its not him. Its me. Michael. Im not ever, ever going to hurt you! Never." He said to me soothingly.

"I know.."

He moved his hands up and down my arms slowly.

I started to breathe normally again.

"Better?" He asked.

"Mhmm." I hummed.

I reached around my body and put my hand on his thigh. I slowly inched it forward towards his crotch. I reached his crotch, we both had our eyes glued to the laptop screen. I pressed my hand to his crotch, as a warning of what I was going to do next. I slid my hand in his pants and I stroked his member slowly.

He coughed awkwardly. Hiding his groan. I wrapped my hand around his member and began to move my hand up and down slowly. I eventually began to go faster and faster.

"Oh god." Michael said.

I continued at that pace but I began to rotate my hand back and forth. His juices then coated his boxers. I smiled at myself, proud that I could do that to him. I left my one hand in his pants and added the other because it was cold.

"I had to warm you up because my hands are cold..." I smirked.

We both laughed.

"I never ever did that okay?" I asked him.

"Okay." He said with an obvious smirk.

"If your hands are staying there you better not move them." He said to me sternly.

"Why?" I asked honestly confused.

"Because. It wont end well...." He trailed off.

"For who?" I asked.

"Me." He said simply.

I giggled. I moved my hands sligtly.

"Ugh. Stop it!" He yelled. "I swear."

"Okay fine I wont. I promise." I brought my one hand out of his pants slowly and met it with his. I intertwined our pinkys. "I pinky promise." I finished. I moved my hand back down to his 'area' and slowly slid it back into his pants.

I really am an evil person sometimes, and I cant help it.

"Oh lord, your hands may be cold but torturing me is not the way to warm them up." He said.

I moved my hands out of his pants and took his hands instead. I interlocked our fingers and brought his arms around my stomach. I placed our hands under my sweater and t-shirt so I would actually feel the warmth of his hands.

I leaned back onto him and rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat, it calmed me.

"Michael...?" I whispered.

"Yeah...?" He whispered back.

"Im sorry for teasing you." I said back sarcastically.

"Sure you are." He said back with the same amount of sarcasm.

I laid us down a little more.

"Michael...?" I whispered again, a little quieter.

"Yeah..?" He asked just as quiet.

"Can we stay out here tonight? I don't want to go home. Home is where bad things happen."

"Sure." He replied. He wrapped his arms tighter around me.

"Im going to let Gump know." I told Michael.

"No its fine. He knows. I told him my plans for tonight and told him the you would probably want to stay here so its fine. Your good to stay." He said happily.

Michael reached to the laptop and paused the movie and shut it. He then put the electronics in the truck.

While he was sitting up I laid down. He came back and fully laid down too. He covered us with blankets, to make sure we didn't get cold. He wrapped his arm around me and put an arm under my head. I rested my head on his arm.

"Goodnight mad." He said sweetly. He kissed my forehead.

"Good night Mikey." I said back. I turned my head and gave him a small kiss on the lips. I pulled away but quickly came back for a peck.

I put my head back on his arm and quickly drifted back to sleep.


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