It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



39. Sorry.

Chapter 38.

Everything was dark, yet i could hear everything that was going on around me. Kind of like my eyes just wouldn't open. I tried to make out the conversation.

"So she just...?" I couldn't tell for sure but the voice sounded like Gump's.

"Yeah." Luke said.

"Has she done it before...?" Uncle Gump questioned.

"Yeah...." Michael said.

I felt the bed dip and a hand was placed on top of mine. Whoever's it was, they were soothingly rubbing their thumb on mine.

I heard a door open and footsteps coming quite close to me. They sounded like a females footsteps because they were light.

"Hi, there. I'm Dr. Roden" Am i in another hospital? Or just a clinic? "We stitched up all of her wounds, you are going to have to keep an eye on them though to make sure they don't get infected. We have discovered that she is severely depressed, so we will be giving her some medication to hopefully counteract that. However I will be giving them to you so that she cannot overdose on them. For you boys, try and get her out of the house and check her arms whenever you can. She should be waking up within the hour." He finished.

A hospital how great. Ive got the best memories in hospitals. Note the sarcasm. Someone else's hand replaced the one that was previously on mine. I think it was Gump's but now its one of the guys' hand. Whoever it was held it properly which made mentally smile. They gave my hand a little squeeze, i tried to squeeze back but it was a very little squeeze.

"Guys, she just squeezed my hand back!" I could tell it was Michael. "Maddy...?"

"Mmm" I hummed. I lightly fluttered my eyes open. Everything was blurry, but I was in a hospital. I looked up at the guys who were huddled around me and smiled at them. "Thank you." I said lightly.

"It was an honour to help you." Ashton said proudly.

I looked to my other side and looked at Gump. He gave me a weak smile.

"...I'm sorry Gump..." I trailed off.

He grabbed my hand again. "It's okay sweetheart, just please try not to." He said as tears started to slip from his eyes.

"Don't cry, please..." I said with a small smile.

He quickly wiped them away.

"Im going to go and clean up the mess you guys left for when you come home." He said before kissing my forehead and leaving.

All the guys sat on my bed and Calum spoke for the guys, "we love you so much, never forget that."


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