It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



33. Michael..!

Chapter 32.

I finished my journal entry just as Michael was waking up. His eyes fluttered open. His face went from peaceful to worried and terrified. I knew why.

I slid down off the couch beside him. "Dont worry. I didnt do something i would regret. Do you want a coffee?" I asked softly.

"Sure that would be great. Just black please." He said back sleepily.

"I will be right back." I said getting up and walking up the stairs. I reached the kitchen and searched through my cool mug collection. I settled on my band collage mug. I bought it recently, i found it on the internet. It was a simple black mug with all the bands i love on it, their names of course. There was blink 182, all time low, greenday, mayday parade, my chemical romance, yellowcard, the ramones, bowling for soup, forever the sickest kids, fall out boy, boys like girls, foo fighters, paramore, good charlotte and the offspring.

I poured Michael's coffee and gave it a stir before bringing it back down to him. I reached the bottom of the stairs and headed into the fort. Michael had drifted back to sleep while i was making his coffee. Of course.

I leaned down and sat cross legged facing Michael. I put the coffee right in front of his nose hoping the aroma would wake him. It didn't. I put the coffee on the little table and sat on my knees beside him. I bent lower so my lips were at his ear.

"Michael.." I said softly.

No stirring... no reaction at all.

"Mikey..." I said slightly louder.

Again nothing.

"Michael..!" I whisper-shouted at him.

Nothing. Jesus he was worse then Luke.

I did the same thing to Michael as i did to Luke. I swung my right leg over his body and put my hand beside the pillow in case he freaked out like Luke did. I began to say his name over and over.

Still nothing. It was honestly like he had died.

I placed my hands on his chest and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Michael!" I yelled one last time.

He finally woke up.

"Jesus i have been trying to wake you up for a good 5 minutes." You paused to giggle. "Your way worse then Luke. I brought you your coffee." He chuckled.

"Sorry... Thank you for the coffee" he said reaching up for it.

"No problem. But seriously, i didn't think it was possible to be that out of it while sleeping. A creak of the floor boards and I'm wide awake." I said giggling.

"Ah its one of many talents of mine." He said with a wink.

We both laughed. We both drank our coffees talking about random stuff.

Once we both finished i spoke up.. "I was thinking that we could invite the boys over and have our own little party with just us. Do you think they'd be into it?" I asked.

"Yeah for sure. That would be fun. I can bring some beer over. I would have to go home and change and shower though."

"Yeah... I'll go get my phone hold on." I said standing up.

I made my way to my room where i had left my phone. I grabbed it then ran back downstairs.

I went back to sit beside Michael out of breath.

"Was there like a murderer upstairs or something?" He questioned.

"No.. Its kind of dark in the halls and it freaks me out..."

"Your cute." He said to me.

"Why thank you. You are too."

"We should do this again. Do you want to go out next saturday?" He asked his voice was slightly shaking. Awe he gets nervous over me.

"Of course... Is it going to be another surprise?" I asked teasingly.


I unlocked my phone and dialled Luke with my phone and put him on speaker.

It rang a couple times before he answered.

"....hello...?" He sounded tired.

"Did we wake you up?" I asked.

"Uh kinda.... Who is we?"

"Oh Michael is here." I said calmly.

"Whats up Luke?" Michael asked nonchalantly.

"Uh what happened last night?!" He said panicky.

"Nothing. I didn't want to stay by myself so i asked Mikey to stay. We watched Netflix and then fell asleep thats it."

"Hold on." He said before hanging up.

"What do you think he is doing?" Michael asked.

"Come up stairs and i will show you. At least if he is doing what i think. Come on!" I said grabbing his hand.

We ran all the way upstairs to catch Luke in the act of coming in my room.

"Alright. I believe you." Luke stated.

"So i was calling you because i want to have the guys over and have our own little party... Like just the 5 of us."

"Yeah it sounds good. I will call the guys and let them know. I will leave you guys. Don't do anything stupid. No sexual activities!" He yelled before disappearing out the window.

We both stood there and laughed.


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