It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



38. cringe.

Chapter 36.

"Holy shit..." He mumbled.

I leaned my body over so i could see him. He looked like he was just stabbed by his mother. The amount of sorrow and fear in his eyes made me wonder how bad i actually looked.

Just as Luke started to walk over to me, i heard the front door open and loud footsteps coming to my door. The door flew open with Michael standing in front with Ashton and Calum both right behind.

"Oh my god." The three said in sync.

Ashton came to my side and slid his one arm under my knees and the other around my back. He slowly lifted me up and started to speak.

"Calum, i need you to go downstairs and get some sort of towel or bandage, Luke go wake Gump and tell him what happened and Michael... You stay with me."

"Ash... I feel light headed... And everything hurts." I whined.

"Sh, just stay awake, okay?"

I simply nodded.

"Mikey get the door." Ashton asked, well demanded Michael.

Michael quickly ran in front of Ashton and I and opened the door to the large bathroom. Ashton set me on the counter so my back was against the wall.

".... Where are they all....?" He asked me quietly.

"Everywhere." I whispered back weakly. I felt so weak, and my vision was a bit blurred.

Ashton rolled up my sleeves, and both Ashton and Michael cringed.

Michael stood beside me and i put my head on his chest. I could here his heartbeat, it was steady but it was fast. He put his arm around my back and it curled around so his palm was on my side and his long finger touched my stomach.

I let out a groan of pain and flinched away from his hand. He slowly moved his hand to the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up. Only to reveal the many deep wounds there.

"Ashton..." Michael started but trailed off.

"Yea- oh god- okay." Ashton sounded panicked. "Can you point to where they are..?"

I picked up my one hand and pointed to both of my wrists. I the motioned to my stomach and thighs. Ashton nodded back. He tried to push up my sweatpants from the bottom but they only went up to my knee.

He then looked up at me, mentally asking 'is it okay for me to take your pants off?' I nodded back at him.

His hands went up to my hips and pulled my sweatpants down, revealing my blue, lace underwear. Michael pulled me up lightly so that Ashton could remove the pants fully.

I cringed.

Calum came back with a couple towels and a first aid kit, which i didn't know we had. Luke also came running back with Gump close behind.

Uncle Gump had tears in his eyes spilling down his cheeks. Gump took a phone out of his pockets and dialled 9-1-1 and went into another room away from the chaos.

My eyes started to flutter open and closed.

"Maddy... Maddy.. Come one you have to stay awake." Calum worriedly said to me.

Everything started to fade away... Everything was quiet and dark.


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