It Only Took 5 Seconds

What will happen to Maddy when her life is turned upside down. When she is forced to move halfway across the world. she thinks her life couldn't get any worse when suddenly it changes when she meets an interesting set of boys. Could this change her life? Read It Only Took 5 Seconds to find out.

Warning- self harm



26. A/N



Hi guys. Im really pissed off. I was just writing for like 20 minutes and had this really beautiful long chapter for you. And a stupid add thing decided to come up.

Guess what haha its all gone.

I want to shoot myself. Anyway. I will be updating tomorrow becAuse I'm too pissed off to rewrite-write it now.

But I want to say I'm sorry for the slow updates. I don't mean for them to be so slow its just I'm struggling right now and am trying to 'pull myself back up.' So yeah. Sorry guys.

But update tomorrow!

Everyone should search up #blacklineproject on Instagram. It may be on twitter but I'm not sure.


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