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2. What if...all religions were accepted?

      First, before I get into the topic of religion I would like to say that I was not raised to believe in one religion. My parents, as they tell me, raised me on wisdom. They tried to teach me as much as they could about all religions. My mom was raised as a Catholic and my dad was raised as a Muslim, but I was never told to 'pick' which one I wanted to be.

      A couple weeks ago I went to a church for the first time (I won't say which one). And I admit that some parts of it very really beautiful. Everyone there was very involved with what was going on... but to be honest I didn't feel as if I belonged there. It was nice to observe and learn those beliefs, but I don't know if I could adopt that same system. I don't think that I could 100% commit to that religion, and I think that, should you devote yourself to a belief system, you should believe and trust in that system in its entirety. I want to find a religion that I can devote myself to, but I just don't think I have found one yet. Is that fair? I don't think that I need a religion to live a full, happy life and afterlife, but would still like to find a system in which I belong; one that, more or less, expresses the things I value today. In the mean time, while I'm searching, I don't see any harm in exploring other religions. I have always loved learning about new things and about people. I want to know why people believe what they believe.

      I think that history has a big part in the answer to the question of why religions aren't equally accepted. I think that the settlers who came to North America brought their (primarily Christian and Catholic) belief systems with them, and those system have just grown in popularity today. What I wonder is, why don't we just accept that certain people have different beliefs that us. Why does one's belief system HAVE to be the ONLY belief system. I don't understand why the demand for domination of religion is so high. Why is one religion seen as better than another one when they could just accept that those two individuals have different beliefs. I know that this is a very touchy topic for some people but I hope that people with strong religious beliefs see that I mean no harm... I just wish for people to see that acceptance is what prevents world peace. If we accepted each other... how different would the world be? There have been countless wars based on differing religious beliefs and even today people make assumptions about people based on what they devote their lives to. I feel that I can talk from a failing unbiased point of view considering my upbringing.

      Basically, I believe that we should accept each other. I don't think that religion should be a barrier between different groups of people and I don't see why people cannot accept that not everyone is going to believe in the same thing. My dad doesn't think that Atheism is a religion. Both my parents have religious beliefs, but they don't try to force those beliefs on other people. I constantly face people trying to get me to devote to their religion because 'it is the best one' or because 'my life will be better, saved even, if I devote my life to this belief system'. I don't think that it's like that.


Anyways, what do you guys think? PLEASE tell me if you agree/disagree with me on any parts, I would love to hear lots of feedback. I know that this is a controversial topic... but I also know that we don't have to make it so complicated.

Until next week, xoxo


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