The Girl Who Lived With Bears

It is about a girl who went through some really tough times in her life and how she handled it.


2. What happened that night when Marie got adopted by bears?

The stroller that broke had been ready to break for weeks on end, so it is not like the mother ment to lose her daughter in the woods. So, here is what happened. The fabric holding marie up in  the stroller was wearing thin and it was slowly ripping. So, really it ripped and could no longer hold Marie, so therefore she fell out and was left on the dirty gravel path. That is when the bears come in, they were migrating north for the summer, somewhere cooler because it was getting hot. The adult boy bears traveled together, and the adult women and cubs traveled together. The youngest mother saw Marie and quickly picked her up, because nobody knows what might be lurking in the shadows. She soon fell inlove with the human and started calling it her own.

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