The Girl Who Lived With Bears

It is about a girl who went through some really tough times in her life and how she handled it.


6. bear home

She lived with four bears Maddie the mother, James the father, Lily the baby girl bear, and Luck the baby boy bear. Maddie has been taking care of Marie since she found her, and that was many years, Maddie was growing old. She could not take care of Marie of her little kids for much longer. She was passing her children to Marie, and teaching her how to take care of herself and the baby bears, what to teach them, ho to feed them, and most importantly what they like. 

Marie was ready to go and she took the baby bears with her. SHe took care of them until they were old enough to go on there own. Ironically Lily grew really close to Marie so she stayed to protect her and to be there for her. Marie decided they needed to find her mom, so they looked and looked, and finally found her, on her birthday(Marie's 20th birthday). This is how, Marie and Lily were walking down the street and all the sudden this person came up to her. She kind of looked like this.

She said my name is Edna, did I tell you her Mother's name was Edna. Marie's eyes filled up with tears, Marie said Mom I missed you so much.

Marie's mom started crying to my baby where have you been i missed you so much i searched and searched for you. Marie said mom the night you lost me some bears saw me and took care of me this is my bear friend Lily she was part of the family that saved me.I can't believe this I found my mom I must go tell everyone in the colony of bears we all will be so happy do you want to come with me?


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