The Girl Who Lived With Bears

It is about a girl who went through some really tough times in her life and how she handled it.


5. adventures

Once Marie had ran into a wolf and she ran like the wind but the wolf was always right behind her, she found a squirrel and threw it at the wolf to slow it down wouldn't you. It slowed it down enough for her to climb a tree and hide, which saved her life. The wolf soon left and Marie was in the clear but she got so tired from the running she ended up taking a nap in the tree. She had a dream about her finding her mother and meeting the boy of her dreams. Little did she know that what she dreamed would happen in eight years. Did i mention that she is twelve years old. She will be 20 years old when she finds her mom, Gavin (the boy of her dreams).

Another adventure was when she was 14 she started singing and a bunch of animals and birds started landing of her or sitting by her. Her voice was beautiful but not as beautiful as her. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and this is kind of what she looked like only she was younger and in different clothes.

Her voice was like no voice you have ever heard before. 

When she was 15 she started climbing up trees and looking at the view in the open plains. One time she saw a young girl lost and she went to the little girl. The little girl's name was Bella, she said that she lived in a cottage somewhere in the woods. Ironically Marie knew exactly where it was. She took Bella home and went back to her journey. 

Marie had many more adventures after this but now i must tell you about the bears that raised her.


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