My sexy husband

Maria and Jason have been married about 1 and half years and the relationship have been nothing but abuse, lies, secrets, drugs, sex, fighting, cheating, partying, and gang wars. They go through of that everyday of their lives and they are not planning on stopping until their 3 year old daughter arrives after three years living with Maria's older sister and her boyfriend. Now they have to be adults and parents but only one is actually their job while the other parent continued to live it up. Jason have to choose between his party live or his family. But the question is will Maria be pulled back into the old life?


2. One



I inhaled the smoke holding in the smoke blowing it out my nose and than I passed it to my best friend Natasha who took a deep breath passing it to the next person. I lean my head on my husband's shoulder closing my eyes and tried to sleep but I got woken up with a start when I heard a banging from the front door. Jason pulled out his gun and went to the door looking to the peak hole. Jason rolled his eyes putting his gun away opening the door to see my older sister Tristan who doesn't look so happy to be here like always.


Tristan: Jason you look horrible like always

Jason: Not everyone can shed like you Marmaduke

Tristan: Get a life McCann

Jason: Go brush your mouth it smells like a dead frog


I rolled my eyes grabbing Tristan and pulled her into the kitchen before Jason slaps her or she slaps Jason either way it goes someone is getting slap and usually it's Tristan getting slap. We walked into the kitchen I am still high so I grabbed onto the counter for help and Tristan just shook her head at me.


Tristan: I can't take this anymore

Maria: What are you talking about? 'this' what are you saying?

Tristan: I mean with everything your addiction and just blowing off your life you know poor Asia actually cried for you last night asking where mommy? and you know I can not lie anymore it is not fair for this baby to go through this she have a mother or father or both there for her

Maria: How dare you? I am a good mother I sober enough to come see her every week I am good enough to get her out of this life style it's too late for me but Asia have a chance please

Tristan: You will have to learn a lesson one way or another so I guess it will have to be another


With that Tristan walked out leaving me confuse as to what she means by ' another' truth is I am terrified of what she may do to me or Asia. I shook the thought out of my head and went back to the living room to see everyone pass out but there no Jason which means he must be up in our room. I walked up the stairs that leads to the huge bedroom we share and went inside and I am right he's laying down on the bed without a shirt on. I sat down next to Jason staying quiet not having nothing to say I am still thinking about what Tristan meant and to be on the safe side I decided to tell Jason.


Maria: Jason?

Jason: Yes Baby

Maria: We have a problem it's about Tristan

Jason: ( Rolls his eyes) there is always a problem with that bi-

Maria: No I mean with Asia I think she will do something to her

Jason: What do you mean by something? are you saying your sister is trying to hurt our daughter?

Maria: Tristan said I will have to learn a lesson one way or another and than she went on to say she guess it will be another

Jason: ( Maria starts crying) Hey hey calm down I promise you she will not hurt Asia as long as I am around alright? so you just need to relax and I think I can help you with that ( Smirk)

Maria: Your right I do need to relax and I need you to help me



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