Together A Clato Story

Cato and Clove had been best friends forever, and eventually, their friendship turned into something more. They got through struggles together, and their relationship was certain. But when the 74th Hunger Games occur, nothing is certain anymore.


6. The Acadamy

My room in the academy was cold, gray, and boring. The walls and floor were metal. There were no windows, just a door that was locked in the night. There was one small bed with one blanket and one pillow. I was restricted to a small amount of my belongings. I had one dresser, which I filled with a book, some pencils and paper, regular clothes, my academy clothes, and a picture of Clove smiling.

I've been here for exactly two months. I haven't seen Clove once. We're in different leagues, or something. This morning my door was unlocked and I was guided out of my room in my academy uniform by a peacekeeper. I was taken to the gun training room, where I knew what to do.

It was the same routine everyday. I would take a gun and try shooting at a target until lunch. The lunches were disgusting and limited. Cold meat and a couple of soggy pieces of bread. There was no breakfast here, so I always choked the lunch down. After lunch I was informed that I had knife throwing practice. 

As I was escorted, I saw the last group coming out of the room late. When I stepped into the room I saw one short girl with straight brown hair throw a knife. The knife lodged itself right in the center of the target. I recognized that girl from somewhere. I couldn't tell who it was from the back though.

Then she turned around.

It was her. Clove was standing in her uniform, looking at me. We stared at each other. Her mouth opened like she was going to say something, but she shut it right away. I felt my legs twitch. My mouth itched,and my feet couldn't stop jiggling. Then, I ran.

I knew that I would be harshly punished. The punishments here were extreme, but I didn't care. I needed Clove. I ran up to her and threw my arms around her. I lifted her off of her feet, then out her back down again. I stared into her eyes, which swam with tears. I didn't realize I was crying until a tear landed on Clove's shoulder. I hugged her again.

"Are you okay? Isn't it terrible here? You're amazing at throwing knives! "Oh my God, I missed you so much. So so much!" I cried as I hugged her.

"I missed you too," she said.

Then, a pair of strong hands grabbed my shoulders and wrenched me off of from Clove. The hands pulled me away from her. Another peacekeeper was pulled Clove away. I reached out my hands, and they were slapped down.

"Clove!" I cried.

"Clove! Don't forget me!" I screamed, because I didn't know if I would ever see her again. 

"I won't!" she cried, "I lo-"

a hand was slapped over her mouth as she was pulled her out of the doorway.

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