Together A Clato Story

Cato and Clove had been best friends forever, and eventually, their friendship turned into something more. They got through struggles together, and their relationship was certain. But when the 74th Hunger Games occur, nothing is certain anymore.


4. Apologies

The next day Cato didn't know what to do. He thought for a really long time before deciding to walk over to Clove's house. He timidly knocked on the tall wooden door and waited for it to open. When the door didn't open, Cato knocked again... and again. Finally, Clove opened the door a crack and said,

"Go away,"

"Clove, I want to apologize!" Cato cried.

Clove slammed the door shut.

"I'm sorry! I did the wrong thing, I know, but an urge just came over me. I wanted to help you, I had missed you so much! I really, really like you Clove, but I can wait. I want to help you," Cato begged.

"There is no way in hell that your sappy apology is going to make me forgive you, okay?" Clove shouted, "Just go away!"

"Clove," Cato exclaimed, "I really am sorry!"

Clove didn't answer, so Cato sat down right outside her window. He knew that the window was low enough that he could see him sitting there. Cato sat for a really long time, he didn't know how long, until Clove spoke again through the window. 

"Are you ever going to leave?" she asked.

"I'm not going to leave you," Cato said, standing up to face her.

Clove rolled her eyes.

"Just leave," she said.

Cato stared at her through the window. She stared right back, but he was lost and she was angry. Her brown eyes tore into his soul and her silky brown hair fell down beautifully past her shoulders. Her skinny body and clear skin was rigid, yet still graceful. Cato couldn't stop staring. Clove quickly closed the blinds on the window and he heard her walk away.


Cato came back the next day and the next. Then a third day he came back again. Clove finally told him that she wasn't quite ready to be with anyone, even in the most innocent way, but maybe someday. So Cato came back everyday after that. Clove gradually got warmer to him until the sixth day, when she stepped outside. 

"I think I might be ready," she said, trying to sound confident.

"I'm glad," Cato said warmly.

Clove started to walk and Cato followed her to the valley, where she sat down and started tugging at the grass. Cato sat next to her. The was a long, awkward silence until Clove spoke up.

"um... how's your family?" she asked.

"they're all good, what about your dad? How's he?" Cato replied.

"Um... not too good," Clove said. "He still hasn't said a word. The last thing he said was...was..."

"Clove, you don't have to," Cato said and inched his hand towards hers, but she pulled her hand away.

"When Mom was shot, Dad screamed NO! Then he stiffened up and didn't move. He was like a statue. I was crying a ton, more then i had ever cried in my whole life. I couldn't believe it, and I didn't stop crying for a long time. The Peace Keeper gave me this mocking smile and he pulled me into a stiff, cruel hug. Then he asked if I was okay in a baby voice. He kissed me forehead, then my nose, then right under my nose, until he reached my lips..." Clove started, then faltered and looked down. "He kissed me in the meanest way possible and I pulled away quickly. He just smirked at me and smacked his lips. He told me I was pretty when I cried, but not as pretty as my mommy was covered with blood in a baby voice. I was crying even harder and Dad hadn't moved. I just grabbed Dad and ran..."

"Clove..." Cato started. "I'm so sorry!"

"I don't know if I can trust anyone anymore," Clove said.

"You can trust me," Cato whispered.

The air was thick with tension as silence filled the valley around them. Clove pulled something out of her pocket and rolled it between her fingers. It was the sea glass. She looked up at Cato and showed him the sea glass, then went back to rolling it between her fingers. Cato smiled at her, even though he wasn't sure if she could see it.

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