Together A Clato Story

Cato and Clove had been best friends forever, and eventually, their friendship turned into something more. They got through struggles together, and their relationship was certain. But when the 74th Hunger Games occur, nothing is certain anymore.


2. 12 years later

Thirteen year old Cato sat in a tall grass field near town, where a rare quiet filled the air. Cato and Clove loved this is field. It was pretty much the only place where loud noises from the town like talking and clanging bricks didn't fill the air. Clove, Cato's best friend, was sitting in the grass next to Cato. Her hair was spread out around her head like a halo. Cato's heart ached. She was so beautiful. 

"Cato," Clove started to say, looking and her best friend, "I need to tell you something,"

Cato laid down in the grass next to Clove.

"Yeah? What is it?" he asked.

"I'm going to be out of town for a little while, I'm leaving in an hour, Clove said quickly, her words rushing out like water in a stream.

Cato turned and looked straight into Clove's deep hazel eyes, flecked with speckles and rings of all different colors.

"You're going out of town? How? Why?" Cato asked, surprised.

People hardly ever left their districts. Even though Cato and Clove were from district two, one of the biggest and wealthiest districts, they still didn't have much freedom to go where they wanted. 

"I'm going to The Capital with my parents," Clove said.

Cato's mouth fell open. The capital? He had always wanted to go there, and he was surprised that Clove was going.

"The Capital? That's amazing, I've always wanted to go there! How and why?" Cato asked.

"My parents are meeting some peace keepers from the capital. They were interested in the products my parents where giving them, and they're giving them some sort of opportunity or something. I don't really know any details," Clove said, trying to conceal her excitement. 

"That's so awesome!"

"I know!"

Cato hoped up and so did Clove. Cato quickly wrapped her arms around Clove and released her. 

"How long will you be gone ?" Cato asked. 

"I don't know," Clove said, "I could be gone for a few days, or a few months,"

"I'm going to miss you," Cato said softly.

"I'll miss you too," Clove said. 

Clove sadly looked up at the sky.

"I should go, I'm leaving soon," Clove said.

Cato gave her one last hug and his heart fluttered in his chest. When they broke apart Cato found himself wanting nothing more than to kiss her right then and there. Clove stared into his eyes and gave him a small smile before turning around. She started to walk away but Cato called out, "Clove wait!"

Clove turned around. 

"What is it?" she asked.

"You're beautiful," Cato gushed.

Clove blushed so much she looked like a ripe cranberry. Cato walked up to her.

"You're beautiful," he repeated. 

Cato leaned down and planted a kiss on her cheek, but while his lips where pressed against her cheek Clove swiftly turned her head so her lips pressed against his. It was like nothing Cato had ever felt before. She tasted like vanilla, Cato didn't know why. After they broke apart Clove smiled at Cato.

"To be continued," she said, then walked away, leaving Cato with his mouth hanging open. 


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