"You have to trust me Angel"


1. Walk with Percy

Angel's POV

I woke up and stretched ready for the first day of school.

I got dressed in my blue dress and white flats. Then put on my necklace and did my makeup.

I walked down the stairs and sat at the table next to my mom to eat my waffles.

"Well someone is ready for their first day of school," my mom said.

"Not at all. But Taylor is really excited. And of course she wants us to be noticed by all the boys. 'Like it wouldn't happen anyways but we have to be prepared.' Is what she said," I told her.

"Obviously you two are going to get noticed you're the most popular girls in the class," says my brother Jacob coming down the stairs.

"Sometimes its harder than you think," I sighed.

"Yeah sure," Jacob said rolling his eyes.

I sighed and looked out the window and saw what looked like a lion. I scoffed at that thought there isn't Lions in New York.

"Got to go bye," I said walking out of our apartment.

I saw a boy named Percy Jackson walk out of his apartment.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," I said back.

"Your Angel right?" He asked.

"Yeah and your Percy," I answered.

"Do you want to walk to school together?" He asked.

"Sure," I said.

He smiled and walked over to me and grabbed my hand.

We walked out of the building ready to go to school.

He pulled me into and alley.

"Angel no matter what happens you have to trust me," he said worriedly.

"Okay," I said.

He smiled and then we walked to school. I was sad that I had a different class. I hugged him having him hug back.

He pulled away and waved going the other way. I waved back and realized I was cold without Percy.

I walked to my first class and saw Taylor wink at me.

I sighed thinking of Percy's sea green eyes staring at me.

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