Chasing Nothing

In Selena's futuristic world, every teenager is sent to a camp where they receive high technology gadgets, and learn survival skills in case of a war. As Selena battles her way through this survival camp, she encounters an enemy. This time, Selena isn't the strongest in the camp. No, Selena has met her match. In "Chasing Nothing", Selena strives to become the smartest, bravest, and the one to win over her love's heart.


2. Chase

          After fifth period, we head to sixth.  As we walk into survival skills class, we notice there are blocks of wood stacked neatly next to circles of stones.

          "I'm guessing we're building fires," I say.

          "You guessed it, Sels," Chase replies, walking up to me from behind.

          I smile.  "Oh what fun," I say sarcastically, which gets a smile out of him also.

          Adam opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted by Mrs. Ropes's voice.

          "Everyone!  Get in groups of four.  Then, gather aroud the sets of wood until further instructions!" she orders.

          Winter strolls up to Adam.  "Hey, my friends ditched me, would you mind if I joined you?" she says whimpering, then bats her eyelashes.  She didn't bother to acknowledge my prescence, not that it surprises me.  She doesn't even know that I noticed her friends were over there searching for a fourth person.  My opinion on Winter is that she's so fake, but you have to admit she's attractive.

          Adam blinks for a moment.  "Uhh... Sure," he finally says.  I roll my eyes.

          Chase leans over to whisper in my ear.  "Don't you think she's a bit girly to be in our skater group?" he questions.

          I nod.  The thing is, Adam and Chase have been best friends ever since elementary camp.  Then, I moved to New Marionna in junior camp and had no friends.  Since I was such a tomboy, Adam and Chase took me in.  They wanted to have a little group of skateboarding maniacs, until the hoverboards came out.  So, we're known as the Hoverdudes plus 1.  I really don't want to change it to the Hoverdudes plus 2.  Besides, none of us like girly girls so it shouldn't be a problem, right?

          We gather around our pile of supplies, and sit with our legs crossed in silence.

          "Let's begin!" Mrs. Ropes announces.

          I groan.  Everyone who isn't dull already knows how to start a simple fire.  Apparently Winter is dull, because she ultimately fails.  Then, there's Super Adam to her rescue!  He tries to do it for her, but she claims she's more of a hands on learner so she just has to do it with him.

          "Will you just do it while holding my hands, so I get the feel of it?"  Winter asks, peering at him with wide eyes.

          As Adam is teaching her how to start a simple fire, I look at Chase and point a finger to my mouth, signaling I'm about to do an imaginary barf.  He holds up a finger, then hands me an imaginary paper bag.  I do my imaginary barfing, and we both burst into laughter.

         Adam and Winter look at us.  Adam looks confused, but Winter is giving us a deathly glare like we just interrupted an important business meeting.

          Chase just smiles politely, while I roll my eyes at her.  Am I the only one unaffected by her charm?


          I quickly look over to see Winter jumping up and down, pointing to her finger.  Adam rushes over.

          "What? What is it Winter?!" he askes, giving the same look of concern he gave to me earlier.  My eyes flash with hurt, but I quickly put it away.  Later.

          "I burned my finger!" Winter whimpers.

          I groan.  "You're such a brat!  People were just minding their peaceful business, but you just had to interrupt over a stupid thing like a small first degree burn on your finger!" I yell.

          Winter looks at Adam.  "Why are you friends with her?  She's so mean, she probably kicks puppies as a hobby," she says, eyes sneering at me, but her expression is horror.

          Adam looks stunned.  Luckily, Chase jumps in and comes to my rescue.

          "No need to be so harsh, Winter.  Selena is just tired from running two miles today.   Let's just continue with our class... separately, for safe measures."

          I growl.  Why does she have to steal Adam from me?  My kind Adam.  The one with green eyes and dark, messy hair that's not long, but not short.  Not this confused Adam that can't decide things for himself whenever Winter's around.

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