Chasing Nothing

In Selena's futuristic world, every teenager is sent to a camp where they receive high technology gadgets, and learn survival skills in case of a war. As Selena battles her way through this survival camp, she encounters an enemy. This time, Selena isn't the strongest in the camp. No, Selena has met her match. In "Chasing Nothing", Selena strives to become the smartest, bravest, and the one to win over her love's heart.


1. Adam

          "Run faster!" Mr. Smith barks.

          I huff in anger and speed my panting to match my pace.  Mr. Smith eyes us, glaring like we're at some kind of boot camp, and not a school camp.

          When I finish my two miles in third place, he pats my back without looking at me and says, "Good job, Sels."

          I nod, bending over with my hands on my knees, and gulp in big breaths.  I begin to walk around aimlessly, tricking my heart into thinking I'm still exercising.  Random people come up and pat my back.

          Mr. Smith is getting us ready for his big surprise and apparently, it requires a great deal of exercise, so we have to be fit.  As I walk over to my hoverboard, Adam jogs over to me with a smile plastered on his face.  I half smile, pretending I was too tired to actually greet him.

          "Great job, Selena!" he says with a lot of warmth, so I have to believe he is sincere.

         "Thanks," I reply causally, taking a swig of Hyperdrink.  I start a fit of coughs, choking on the energy beverage.

           Adam's eyes widen.  "Are you alright?!" he says worriedly, truly concerned.

          I nod, completely embarrassed.  I wipe my face with my sleeve and start up my hoverboard.  I ride away looking back once.  As if the matter couldn't get worse, the bell chimes, and I lose focus, crashing into a pole.

          "Goodness, Sels!  Can't you go a minute without getting hurt?!" Adam jokes.

          I laugh despite the pain.  It's true, I can be clumsy.  Especially around Adam.

          "Here, let me take you to fifth period," he says, handing me my hoverboard and knapsack.

          We zoom down the roads and arrive at skills class.  I guess we're starting with the basic karate skills today.  Punches, kicks, flips, holds, you know.  I'm usually shy and quiet around people, so Adam volunteers to be my partner.

          "Line up!" Ms. Onya says in her Russian accent.  "Do not hit your partners hard, unless they give their permission!" she yells with a mischievous grin.

          "You have my permission, Miss Larrens," Adam says mockingly with a bow, sticking out his arm.

          "It would be my utmost pleasure," I reply in a British accent.  I grab his arm quickly, and flip him over onto the mat.  Adam groans.  Although I didn't do it as hard as I would've on a real attacker, I felt bad and leaned over to look at him.  His eyes were closed, but as soon as I leaned over, he grabbed my arm and flipped me over onto the mat.  He jumps up.

          "Haha!  Payback!" he yells, like he just accomplished something major.

          "Congratulations.  You just beat up an eighteen year-old girl." I say, sarcastically.

          I sprint towards him, grab his arm and kick his side.  He doubles over, sprawled across the mat.

          "Congratulations.  The girl you thought you beat up, came back and beat you up!" I shout in triumph.

          "I think I'll let you have the last laugh, because you probably broke my ribs," he says, looking at his side with mock pain.

          I laugh and apologize.  With you, I'm at my strongest, Adam, I think to myself.

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