When The Sky Fell Apart

The sequel to my unfinished story 'Where there are lies, there are truths". The sequel isn't yet completed but I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback would be great.

**Author's Note**
For those of you that were wondering, Tadek is pronounced Ta (The a makes the same noise as in lack) -deck.


3. When the sky collapsed

The ceiling fell down, causing the walls around us to collapse. I fell of my chair, the world coated in ruble. Before I knew it I was covered in what was left of the small room we sat in. My lungs were full of dust, causing me to cough violently. Amidst all this noise I heard a shout of pain in the distance. A male voice. A voice I knew so well. Tadek.

I couldn't see anything but I knew he was here somewhere. I pushed all the debris away from me, trying to free myself without success. The noise around me was deafening. I looked up. The planes were already flying away, their job completed. But I didn't understand. There was no warning, no signal whatsoever. They dropped their bombs and left. Simple as that.

I continued my search. I heard another grunt of pain, now that the planes were gone. There were screams all around me. I knew the whole city would be destroyed. I could already picture all those people lying in front of hospitals,  all needing the medical help that we simply didn't have. Another grunt of pain. Tadek. I scrambled up from the floor, pushing the ruble away from me

"Tadek?" I shouted. Another grunt.

"I'm here," I heard him say somewhere in front of me. I kicked some more ruble away until I found him. He was lying on his back, one of his legs pinned down by a metal pole.

"Are you alright?" I said still taking in what has happened.

"Yeah, just..." Another grunt. I went down on my knees, looking for a way to lift the pole without hurting him even more. I tried lifting it up with my hands but it was too heavy.

"Wait," He said. "If I sit up, we can both lift it at the same time," I nodded. He was much stronger than me so it didn't take that much for us to lift it together. His leg was covered in blood and I was sure he wouldn't be able to stand up by himself. His knee was a mess. I looked at him but he was just lying down, his eyes closed. There were people running around everywhere, too busy with carrying wounded and medical supplies for them to notice us, just two more people affected by the war. I tried calling for help but no-one heard. My eyes starting filling up with tears. What was I supposed to do? Why was this happening to us? What have we done? I put my head on my knees, too tired to even think.

"Tanya," I heard him say. I looked up. He was leaning against some of the debris. He was covered in dust and mud, dried blood sticking to his hair. But it was still him. He stretched out his hand and I took it. He pulled me into his chest and put his hand on my back, hugging me tightly. We stayed there for what felt like hours just lost in another world, free of gunshots and hatred. I thought this was the end.


But it was just the beginning.


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