When The Sky Fell Apart

The sequel to my unfinished story 'Where there are lies, there are truths". The sequel isn't yet completed but I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback would be great.

**Author's Note**
For those of you that were wondering, Tadek is pronounced Ta (The a makes the same noise as in lack) -deck.


1. Tanya

He walked in. The dark coat trailed after him. He sat down. The snow kept pounding outside, a real blizzard. I looked at him. He had piercing blue eyes the colour of the ocean, and those thick brown eyebrows made them stand out even more. He came back. I still can't believe it. After all those years, he's back. I wanted to him to stay here forever. To never leave again. Not ever. But he had his duties. And I know I will be alone again.


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