When The Sky Fell Apart

The sequel to my unfinished story 'Where there are lies, there are truths". The sequel isn't yet completed but I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback would be great.

**Author's Note**
For those of you that were wondering, Tadek is pronounced Ta (The a makes the same noise as in lack) -deck.


2. Tadek

It was good to be back. I must admit. After all this time. I can still see the true horrors of war in front of me. Jay dying. Howard getting dragged away to God knows where. All I have now is her. And I can see she's in so much pain. I wish I could stay here with her, show her that I care. But we both know that its impossible. I can't leave Howard, wherever he is. I will find him. Whatever it takes, I will bring him back. So that he can see his sister again. Like me, she's all he has. If you heard her say your name, you would never be the same again. I don't think she understands the vital role that she plays in our lives. 

War has no mercy. It takes everyone. Mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters. Why would anyone stop and think about the person they're shooting if their own life is in danger? You do what you must. Sometimes I stop and think about my life before all...this. About my brother and my sister. My parents. But not too often. A soldier has no feelings. That's what they say. And I'm a good soldier. 

I looked at her. She looked back.

"Tanya..." I start.

" You don't have to say anything. I understand," She said. I didn't say anything. We just sat there in silence. Precious time slowly ticking away. Just being in each others company was all we needed. Just to think that I would have to leave her... 

And that's when it all fell apart.

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