Sealand x Reader (OneShot)

Well, this is my first reader insert and fanfiction ever~ Tell me how I can improve and I will give you a cookie!


1. Sealand x Reader (OneShot)

~~Peter's Age: 14
Y/N's Age: 14
    It was November 24, 2014, and today was a very special day. Today was the day Y/N had met her best friend, Peter. The boy had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, which was really adorable! She had known him for quite some time, and they basically grew up together.

    Y/N had been playing on the swings in a local playground. She was 5 years old, still unaware about everything evil in the world. She was laughing and smiling as she threw her legs back and forth to swing higher into the air. She had seen the bigger kids once jump off of the swings when they were swinging. She admired that, and decided to try it, thinking she would get it on her first try.
    So Y/N gave one last swing, and her hands were taken off of the chains that held the swing. For a moment, she felt like she was flying. Everything was in slow motion, and before she knew it.
    She fell, face first into the grass that was laid infront of the swings. Y/N felt a sharp pain go through her knee and she looked down at it, noticing a big brown bruise that had appeared. The more she looked at it, the more pain stabbed through it, and she began to cry.
    What she didn't know, was that a little boy watched her fall to the ground. He saw her begin to cry, and rushed over to her, worried if she was hurt.
    Y/N's eyes were red and puffy from crying, and she felt something touch her shoulder. Her e/c eyes darted to where she felt the presence and wipped her tears away as she looked up at him.
    "Are you alright?" The boy had asked her, hoping she would say yes, but by the looks of it, she was in pain.
    She shook her head and used her sleve to whipe away more of the falling tears, "I-I wish. . ." She said in between sniffles, "But m-my knee is hurting!" She said, pointing down at her knee and frowning.
    The little boy frowned along with her and softly pat her head, "Well let's get you over to that bench," he said, pointing to a nearby bench, "I can help you get there if you hop on your other leg."
    She nodded and slowly stood up, and he grabbed her arm, and put it around the back of his neck. They slowly made their way towards the bench and sat down on it. By now, Y/N had calmed down and stopped crying and rubbed the bruised knee.
    "Will sitting down help it?" She asked, looking at him and tilting her head in confusion.
    He shrugged, "I don't know, but my big brother says that if you get hurt, it's best to sit down for a long time, and the pain will go away!" The boy said with a smile on his face.
    Y/N nodded towards him and stopped rubbing her knee, "So what's your name? I'm Y/N!" She said, a soft smile on her face.
    "I'm Peter!" He said, swinging his legs back and forth off of the side of the bench.
    "Well thank you so much for helping me, Peter!" She said, giving him a quick pat on the head, mimicking the same one he had given her earlier.
    "Hey, let's play a game!" He said happily, a smile drawn on his face.
    Y/N happily clapped, "What game?" She asked, excited to be playing a new game with her friend.
    He thought for a moment, and then looked at her, "How about I Spy?" Peter asked, waiting for Y/N's response.
    She nodded, "Sure! I'll go first!" She said, looking around the playground. She decided to start off easy, and go with the bench they were sitting on. "I spy something wooden!"
    Peter took a few moments to look around and guess what she 'spied'. "Is it. . . The bench?" He asked, hoping he got it right.
    Y/N clapped, smiling at him, "Yes! Good job. Your turn!"
    And they played I Spy for a short while, and Y/N forgot about her bruised knee. When they got bored of that, they played simple hand games. You know, like Patty Cake, Chinese Resturant, stuff like that.
    The time came when an older boy, who looked much like, Peter called for him. Peter sighed and stood up, knowing that he had to leave.
    "That's my brother, I have to go." He said, frowning at his new friend.
    Y/N sighed, and frowned, too. "Aww, alright."
    "I can come back tomorrow, though!" He said to her, hoping to cheer her up.
    She instantly smiled, "Okay! I'll be back too, then!" She said happily
    So Peter waved at her as he ran to his brother and hugged him. The older brother seemed annoyed, but hugged Peter back and they walked away.
    Y/N forgot about her bruise, as she got up and walked back to her house, which was only two houses away from the park. When she got inside, she quickly ran to her room to look at her favorite stuffed animal, Squeakers.
    Squeakers was a small dolphin that she was able to hold in her hands, and she told Squeakers all about her adventures that day. Y/N made a deeper voice with her own, which was Squeakers in her mind.
    "Can I come with you tomorrow to the park?" 'Squeakers' had said.
     Y/N smiled as she held Squeakers, "Of course, Squeakers! I'll remember to bring you with me!"


    Y/N laughed at her younger self, smiling as she looked at Squeakers, which she still had.
     "Well, Squeakers, do you think I should tell him?" She asked, now looking at a picture of her and Peter.
    Both of them had the same goofy pose, eyes closed, tounge out, and a peace sign, while Peter had his arm around Y/N's shoulder and she had her arm around his side.
    Y/N went to grab the picture from it's spot and giggled at their faces, oh how she loved their friendship. She didn't like to admit it, but she secretly liked Peter. If he knew, it would probably ruin their close relationship, and she didn't want that, so she kept it a secret.
    A knock was heard at the door, and she ran to answer it. Y/N opened the door, and saw her best friend, Peter, standing there.
    She invited him in and closed the door, "Hey, what's up?" She asked him, watching him as he made his way to the fridge, like always.
    He grabbed a soda and opened it as he sat down on the living room's couch. "Just wanted to come visit my Little Nerd." He said, softly laughing and took a sip of the soda.
    She laughed along with him and smiled. Peter had started to call her 'Little Nerd' as soon as he found out about her taking a liking to anime. She sat down next to him and lightly punched his shoulder. "Well excuse me for liking something."
    He returned the soft punch and smiled, "There's nothing wrong with that. Arthur likes anime, too. It's just funnier to call you my nerd than it is to that jerk." He said, taking yet another sip of the soda.
    You slightly frowned, "Hey, be nice. He is your older brother who cares about you."
    Peter sighed, "Yeah, yeah. . . But I didn't come here just to visit, you know. . ." He said, placing the soda can down on a table that was in front of the couch.
    "Well then why else are you here?" Y/N asked, turning her head to look at him.
    She noticed his face and how it got serious, which wasn't often. "Is something wrong?" She asked him, worried something bad had happened to him.
    He nodded, "Yeah. . . Something is pretty wrong. . ." He said to her.
    "Well what happened?" She asked, thinking of the worst possible situations that could have happened.
    He sighed, "It's more like something that didn't happen." He said, stressing the word 'didn't'.
    Y/N sighed, "Did you forget to study for another test? I'm serious, if you don't-"
    "No," he said cutting her off, shaking his head, "Something else." He said to her.
    She looked at him, totally confused, "Well then, what?" Y/N asked him.
    He looked into her e/c eyes, and his hand reached out to touch her cheek. Peter brought her face closer and gently placed his lips on hers. He pulled back after a few seconds, and Y/N's face was a bit red. "That's what didn't happen." He said to her.
    She was blushing and giving him a 'what and why the hell' kind of look on her face. "What does that mean?"
    He pat her head, like the first day they met. "Simple, I love you." He said, a slight smile on his face.

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