Crazy Guy Crazy Girl Crazy Love

"I'm crazy. Compleately and utterly crazy. If you come with me I have no idea what will happen. Because I'm nuts." He explained to me, before leaving he turned around and added, "aren't you coming?"

Nina is bored. Bored of life, bored of school, bored of everything. Then she meets Daz, who is a self-admitted mad man who is anything but boring.

What could possibly go wrong?


13. Chapter (unlucky) 13

A/N: Okay so this is the one chapter I really want comments on, lots of ways on how to improve it further please! Also, please comment if you don't like where the story line is going. Without further ado, her is Chapter (unlucky) 13...

"You killed Greg." I'd said to him. His face had hardened in an instant, he grabbed my arm and dragged me back into the woods. My heart rate plummeted, was he going to beat me to death too? Had I just signed my own death warrant? For the first time I felt fear towards Daz. Fear that made me want to faint, fear that made me want to flee, true fear. I felt true fear.

"What did you just say to me?" He asked once he had released me, his eyes were that of deadly anger.

"Greg, that guy you beat up last night. He's dead." I informed him, trying to keep my tone serious and strong. He cupped my face in his hands, glaring at me in complete anger, no hint of love, no hint of remorse, just anger.

"Your about to enter a very dangerous world Nina. This is your last change to take the diversion. You are about to enter an abyss that no-one ever comes of." He warned me.

"I'm stronger than you think." I spat at him. My anger was soon becoming sadness, I suppressed my tears, if I cried he'd think me weak. He opened his mouth, about to blurt out all his secrets and sins to me, then stopped.

"No." He declined firmly. "I will not corrupt you Nina. You will stay innocent, even if it kills me. I will keep you pure. You will not loose your virtue over me." I drew away from his hold, and stood with my back to him. My emotions were merging, all my looming sadness, all my growing anger, it mixed to form some sort of 'sanger' emotion, bittersweet sadness, anger that made waterfalls escape my eyes. How dare he make that decision on my behalf!  How dare he assume I was weaker than him! How dare he see me as less... My innocence was already damned, what sort of innocent person wishes to be corrupted? Wishes he virtues away? You have to want innocence to have it. And I didn't want innocence, I wanted the truth.

"I already know too much." I called after him, "like your brother Desmond, who ran away. That's who your looking for isn't it? He's D." He spun around, his glare burned my eyes.

"Don't" he spat. That was when my anger split, the fire was extinguished by waves of sadness and realization. I dropped to the floor, sitting on a damp rock.

"How. Dare. You." I cried, "I've been completely honest with you. My name is Nina Reeds, I'm 17 years old, my birthday is August 4th, my mum died in childbirth, my dad died last year in a fire. I got bullied by a girl called Jade at school, my aunt thinks I'm depressed and I have nothing to fill my life with. I've never been so open to anyone as I have been to you Daz. Yet all you do is lie and neglect me. How dare you keep secrets from me. How.Dare.You." I was in pieces, my tears wouldn't stop falling and my vision was blurred in a loving hate. 

"I do dare Nina. I dare to do things you can't even imagine. I dare to fight, I dare to deal, I dare to kill. I've never been unable to dare in my life before, nothing has ever come in the way of me and my goal. There is only one thing I don't dare to do, and that is destroy you. I'm bad, you're good. I'm insane, your rational. I'm unbalanced, you know who you are. I killed Greg and I don't even care. I got what I needed from him, he probably would have just caused problems in the future anyway. That is the man I am. I will keep secrets from you because when they come out they will be poison to your soul. You will not be me." Daz exclaimed. His face had no tears, yet he seemed even more upset than me. I registered what he'd just told me. He didn't care that Greg was dead, he had no remorse, no guilt. I couldn't believe it, yet it seemed to make sense. 

"Your insane." I breathed. Looking into his eyes with a look of disgust.

"That's what I've said all along." Daz reminded me. I got up, picked up my bag and began to walk in the opposite direction to him. 

"Where are you going?" He asked after me.

"Home." I admitted.

"There's nothing for you there." He argued. I turned around to look into those grey eyes for what I hoped would be the last time;

"There's sanity." 

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