Crazy Guy Crazy Girl Crazy Love

"I'm crazy. Compleately and utterly crazy. If you come with me I have no idea what will happen. Because I'm nuts." He explained to me, before leaving he turned around and added, "aren't you coming?"

Nina is bored. Bored of life, bored of school, bored of everything. Then she meets Daz, who is a self-admitted mad man who is anything but boring.

What could possibly go wrong?


22. Chapter 22: Dancing in the rain

Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter. 

I listened to the raindrops fly against the hotel window, banging against the frail glass like liquid bullets.

"Well we're not going out today." I announced, flopping back onto the bed.

"Oh how much I love the British weather." Daz exclaimed sarcastically, flopping down next to me. I smiled, turning in to cuddle him. I'd always wondered why he smelt so much of sherbet, he never ate it, and he didn't have any particular deodorant he used, yet he smelt of sherbet, and sherbet alone. I loved sherbet almost as much as I loved Daz, for I had a very sweet tooth, and even though too much could be sour and bad for me, I couldn't get enough.

"Lets play a game." I suggested.

"Okay, which one?" He asked, I thought for a minute before replying,

"Truth or Dare?" 

"Truth." He started.

"Why do you smell of sherbet?" I asked.

"Sherbet? I didn't realize I did, why do you always smell of lemons? Truth or Dare?" He replied. Lemons. That was weird, not as weird as sherbet, I sniffed my collar, I couldn't smell anything.

"Truth" I told him.

"How many boys have you dated?" He smirked.

"Your kinda the first."I blushed, I'd never been very 'in' to the idea of dating. Every relationship is fated to end through words, actions or death. It was only now that I realized a life without love is a much worse fate.

"I'm Flattered." He flirted.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." He chose.

"I dare you to corrupt me" I breathed down his neck.

"Pass." He spoke.

"There are no passes in truth or dare!" I moaned.

"There are now, I choose truth."

"I don't want to play any more." I finished, he nodded and I got back to watching the raindrops on the window. Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter.

"Come on, I have an idea." Daz announced, breaking my trance.

"What do I need to do?"

"Take off your jacket and your tights, then remove your footwear so your in your socks, and follow me."

"I'll be freezing in a short sleeved top and skirt!" I groaned, confused at what this idea involved.

"Just do it Nina." Daz urged, so I removed all my layers so I was shivering in a heated hotel room. Daz lead me out the room, through the corridors, he too, was only in single layered clothing and socks. We got odd looks from the other guests as we walked through the hotel. Daz then lead me outside, I was extremely cold now, it may be august, but a rainy day was still a cold day.

"I'm going to catch hypothermia!" I exclaimed, only half-sarcastically. He gave me a mischievous and mocking look before shouting,

"Dance!" And running around dancing outside the hotel, getting drenched in rain, looking ridiculous. The way he jumped for the sky and skidded to the ground. People were videoing him, the madman dancing in the rain. He kept on giving me expecting looks before I finally thought 'you only live once' and joined in. He spun me around, we did sort of disco, bouncing dancing, and spinning. We were caught up in our own little dance battle. Then suddenly he changed his mind, stopped, turned, and bowed. In return, I curtsied. We began to dance as if in a ballroom, inside our personal bubble of romance. The way he held me protectively and firmly made me feel special, and the way he looked into my eyes made me feel loved. We were quite good, I managed to not step on his toes, he lead me around the space slowly, letting the rain drench my hair. I felt like Cinderella, who'd arrived in the middle of a rainstorm.

When we finished people applauded around us, clapping at our public out-burst. We went back inside the hotel, and up to our room. Once I was dry I looked out the window, and instead of seeing liquid bullets of raindrops, I saw droplets of purification trying to cleanse the world of precaution. Because precaution is like a cage of common sense, one you escape it, the world is so much more fun.

A/N: Sorry if the chapters are a bit samey at the moment, trying to stretch out the story. The end is near (nooooooooo) so only a few more chapters to go. Thanks for reading! 


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