Crazy Guy Crazy Girl Crazy Love

"I'm crazy. Compleately and utterly crazy. If you come with me I have no idea what will happen. Because I'm nuts." He explained to me, before leaving he turned around and added, "aren't you coming?"

Nina is bored. Bored of life, bored of school, bored of everything. Then she meets Daz, who is a self-admitted mad man who is anything but boring.

What could possibly go wrong?


16. Chapter 16: Glasgow

Me and my aunt were sitting on the sofa, I was in tears. My week had gone horribly. Jade hadn't stopped tormenting me, provoking memories that I had tried to bury. I tried, I really did, but Daz wouldn't leave my mind. Like a migraine, his memory made me ill and tired, not an unbearable pain, but it was unbearably constant. The last straw had been in chemistry. We'd been burning elements, and Jade had been a few rows behind me. The teacher had left the room and she'd got out the wax. She'd then came over to my Bunsen burner and held the wax over the flame.

"See this flame, that's you mystery boy." She said pointing at the flame, "and this wax, is you. It used to be hard and ugly, now it's gloppy, messy and even uglier." She then removed the melted wax from the flame and strutted back to her desk. I didn't let on how much she had hurt me with her little metaphor, but after class I went and cried for all of lunch. Because she was partially right, Daz had been my flame, my excitement, but I'd dangled over the flame for too long, and now I wasn't myself anymore, I was melted, he'd melted me. We might have stopped talking, but I hadn't forgotten his words. We might of stopped cuddling, but I still remembered his sherbet scent. We might not see each over anymore, but his eyes still haunt my heart. 

Back in present day, I was sniffing and sobbing over the many events of the week. 

"Nina, I have something to tell you. It's something very important, and will effect you. But it might cheer you up." Aunt Hope told me. I looked up, interested.

"Go on." I urged.

"I've been offered some work in Glasgow. It's better pay, there's a nice house we could live in nearby, and a really good school too. It could be a fresh start for both of us." 

"Glasgow? That's in Scotland." I replied, gobsmacked.

"Which is why I won't force you to go, but I hope you will. Your so sad here, all this bullying and questioning. You could start again in Glasgow." She tried to persuade me. My mind was twisted. To move to Glasgow would be a fresh start, but is that what I wanted? I wanted rid of Jade, but there was something stronger than that want, hope. Because Daz knew I was from Bristol, if he wanted to, he could find me, and I'd probably end up forgiving him. I was hopeful that, like me, he'd been unable to recover from our relationship. I had hope for the man that was least worthy of it. My happiness was reliant on the most spontaneous, immoral person on earth. That hope clung to me like a beast on my back. It was the only thing stopping me from wanting to go to Glasgow. Yet, in my sane mind, I knew this beast would eventually leave me, probably quicker if we moved. So, with a mind full of thoughts that I wasn't really considering, I told my aunt,


A/N: Thanks for reading! I hope your enjoying the plot. I have to admit, even I hate myself a bit for the break-up, but every love story must have one! 


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