Crazy Guy Crazy Girl Crazy Love

"I'm crazy. Compleately and utterly crazy. If you come with me I have no idea what will happen. Because I'm nuts." He explained to me, before leaving he turned around and added, "aren't you coming?"

Nina is bored. Bored of life, bored of school, bored of everything. Then she meets Daz, who is a self-admitted mad man who is anything but boring.

What could possibly go wrong?


11. Chapter 11: Greg

"Stay here. I'll be back soon." He had told me.

We'd been stuck in the hotel room all day due to heavy rain. We'd played cards, he'd found a way to cheat even more than usual at cheat. We'd played truth or dare, with me always choosing truth and him always going for dare. We'd watched TV, my case wasn't in the headlines anymore, but it was on the local news. We'd even stacked the cards to make a very unstable tower that would fall at the smallest motion from the other side of the room.He'd flirted, I'd felt special in his hold, we'd had a nice morning. He'd decided to brave to rain to go fetch some lunch.

The way he spoke wasn't any different, it was flirtatious, calm and somehow surreal. They way he moved wasn't any different, it was smooth, sleek and sneaky. The way he looked into my eyes wasn't any different, it was magical, gripping and infectious. Despite all this normal behaviour, there was something about him that was off, something tense and worried, regretful maybe? It was enough for me to ignore his request to sit still, I followed him out the hotel room.

I adapted to my nickname, hiding in the shadows. Following him through the corridors, creeping down the stairs after him, creaking open the doors he went through. When he left the hotel I realized how ridiculous I was being, he was just going to get lunch, if I'd wanted to of come all I had to do was ask. I was about to go back to the room when I noticed something. Daz had turned left. He needed to turn right to go to the nearest store, left led to a dead end. I began to follow him again, down a dimly lit alley way. I stopped at a corner and turned my head around the edge so I could see without being seen.

There was another boy facing Daz. He seemed a few years older, very tall, I couldn't see any other of his features in this lighting. Daz was facing him opposite, putting on good posture, they seemed to be building up tension in the silence.

"Hello Daz, that's what your going by now isn't it? Daz?." The man spoke at last.

"I heard you had something for me, Greg." Daz's voice had gone hard and firm, it scared me a little.

"That I do. I'm prepared to share, for the right price." Greg negotiated.

"I don't have money." Daz told him.

"That's hardly the right attitude." Greg replied, stepping towards Daz, circling him. Daz didn't even flinch, despite all the intimidation Greg was radiating. "I have valuable information, if you want it, if you care enough, you'll find the money to receive it." He gave Daz a light shove, Daz wasn't effected but my emotions were. The curiosity of wanting to know what was going on had been replaced with fear for what was going to happen to Daz.

"I told you, I don't have money." Daz reminded him, remaining firm.

"Then continue your wild goose chase without my help. Keep looking, keep failing, keep breaking. Continue to walk forward, looking for the light in the tunnel, when the light, is in-fact, behind you. Keep up the hero act, only to be victimized by all who cross your path." Greg turned to leave, then suddenly turned around a punched Daz, he punched him hard. I let out a gasp, which was luckily unheard. Daz recovered, standing up straight again, his face was unreadable. Then, to my surprise, Daz punched Greg back. He didn't stop there though, he pushed him onto the gravel and kept kicking his stomach as Greg gave out yelps of pain. I didn't know Daz was capable of such harsh violence. He got on top of Greg, punching the face you could barely see under the bloody layers of injuries. 

"Tell me." Daz demanded, gripping Greg's shirt by the collar.

"He... he's not... in.... in London... an....any more..." Greg slurred, his voice hoarse in pain.

"Where is he then?" Daz asked, ignoring the obvious pain Greg was in.

"" Greg managed to get out. Daz let him go, dropping his injured body on the ground with a thud. Daz turned around to leave, was he really going to just leave Greg there? The poor boy needed an ambulance. But Daz didn't turn around, he left Greg there on the gravel. He didn't notice me as he walked past me, I didn't know if it was my dark clothing and the bad lighting, or the trance-like post-fight state he was in.

Once Daz was gone I turned around the corner to help Greg, I couldn't just leave him like Daz had. He was still conscious when I got to him.

"" he begged.

"I will, just try to stay awake." I told him, my voice shaking, "do you have a phone?" I asked. His hand moved over to his jean pocket, I found a phone inside it. I immediately dialed 999. 

"Hello?" I spoke down the phone, "I need an ambulance." I gave all the necessary details. Greg was still weak, but he seemed to be recovering slightly. 

"Do you know Daz?" He asked me, confused.

"I do. How do you know him?" I asked, realizing Greg might have some information of Daz.

"He's famous on the streets. The famous mad-man looking for the perfect girl and trying to find what is left of his long lost family. I only know what I hear." Greg told me. 

"Oh." I saw Greg's eyes sag, "stay awake Greg." I reminded him.

"I do know this. If he finds you gone you'll have questions to answer that are dangerous to answer honestly. You need to be back before him. Go. The ambulance will be here soon for me." Greg informed me selflessly. 

"If I leave you might close your eyes. If you close your eyes you might die. I'm not leaving you to die in an alleyway." I assured him.

"There are a lot of maybes there sweat-heart. If Daz arrives back before you your definitely doomed." Greg argued.

"I'm not leaving you." I said firmly. I didn't know where my sudden bravery had come from, I didn't even know Greg, yet I was risking myself for him.

"If these are my last words, then so be it; Screw you, save yourself." Greg announced, using his little strength to shove me away. So I left him there, hoping the ambulance wouldn't be too late. 

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