Crazy Guy Crazy Girl Crazy Love

"I'm crazy. Compleately and utterly crazy. If you come with me I have no idea what will happen. Because I'm nuts." He explained to me, before leaving he turned around and added, "aren't you coming?"

Nina is bored. Bored of life, bored of school, bored of everything. Then she meets Daz, who is a self-admitted mad man who is anything but boring.

What could possibly go wrong?


1. Chapter 1: Typical Morning

"Nina! If your not down here in 10 seconds your going to school without breakfast." My Aunt Hope called up the stairs. I dragged my weights of legs over my bed and onto the floor. I looked up into my mirror to be faced with classic bed-head hair and dark rings under my eyes. Typical Monday morning. I dressed myself into my un-ironed, creased uniform, then trudged down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Morning sleepy-head." Aunt Hope greeted, dropping a bowl of cereal in front of me. I picked up a spoon, had about 3 mouth fulls, then left the house to catch my inevitably late bus. I tuned into my local radio and grimaced, another one direction song was playing yet again. The radio was full of the same music at the moment. There was no originality in music anymore. A low battery notice flashed onto my screen and I powered my phone off. I got off the bus just as it began to rain, typical. I rummaged in my bag for my umbrella, then realized that I'd forgotten to pack it. So, too tired to run, I walked to school in the rain. I entered my form room about 10 seconds after the bell rang.

"Late again Nina" Miss Roberts announced, "one more time and it's a detention." I grunted a reply and sat down at the back of the room. 

"Today we need to choose an assembly topic." Miss Roberts addressed us, I leaned back in my seat, I never got involved in form activities. When I did, I just got put down for bad ideas. I let my eyes set on the second hand of the clock with the wrong time. 

"Time to vote!" I heard Miss Roberts voice call. I looked up at the board, the options were self-confidence, respect and e-safety. They all seemed awful to me. I didn't even bother voting, I left the room as soon as I heard the bell begin to ring.

"Hiya Nina" Jade Hollands voice tormented me, "why didn't you vote in form time today?" 

"Because I didn't like any of the topics." I replied, desperate to end this conversation. There were giggles at my response, but I ignoored them.

"Then you should have suggested one." Jade sneered.

"You tease me when I suggest one, you tease me when I don't." I bit back. There were sharpened breaths in reply to my comment. I began to walk away.

"Lazy." Jade called after me.

"Air-head." I called back.

My classes went my as if a minute was an hour, my lunch seemed even longer. I ate it in the shelter of the trees near the edge of the school... I ate it alone. I was always alone, but I liked it. When I wasn't alone I was being teased or bullied.I enjoyed the quite of being lonely, even if it was boring at times.

"You should've been home half an hour ago." Auntie Hope moaned when I got back.

"Bus was late." I summed up, the bus after the bus I'd missed had been late.

"Any homework to do?" She pestered.

"No." I lied, storming upstairs to my room.

AN: Hope you enjoyed Chapter 1, btw none of the opions advertised in this chapter reflect my own. 


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