Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


15. Part Two: War (Chapter 15)

Aaron walks around the empire. He gazes around ignorantly. He was like a lost child searching for his new temporary home. Because he was known to as Ariz’s companion, the citizen treated him nicely. They gave him what he wants such as food, drinks and types of accessories and lucky charms. He’s enjoying his stay as he amused the peoples’ generosity for him. He placed himself at a type of empire’s central metropolis.
He noticed some of the people fear him, but he ignores them. it’s not his problem anyway. So, our hero continued his tour with his observing senses. He estimated the number of strangers that were following him, it was above the count of five. He went to an empty space wherein he still feels their presence.
        “Whoever you are, come out and face me!” he ordered as he looked around.
        Then there approached six men in cloak. They went near him with a respecting bow. “Hail is the heir of Zarchan…” They said as if reciting a prayer.
        Aaron’s eyes widened. “What?!” he exclaimed unbelievably.
        The six strangers uncovered their hood and guess what? One of them is a woman. Aaron turned around looking at them one by one.
The woman stepped forward at Aaron then pointed his necklace and sword. “It only means that you are given birth by Malia, her majesty that owns that ring. And the sword of Lazo, the great majesty that owns that gem’s power. You are named Aaron, next to the means being an Enlightener. To show the spirits the way, the way to the heaven and hell –“
        “W-w-w-wait…. Where in the world’s dot would be the reason for me to become heir?” Aaron broke up.
        “You’re with the empress, and a protector. The three of you are the key to help all of us, the world Fantasia.”
        “But –“
        “You must tell the empress and the protector about this.”
        “Why –“
        “Be on you guard –“
        Aaron suddenly covered the woman’s mouth with his palm. His eyes gazed at her seriously. “Let me speak.” He demanded.
        The woman nodded and Aaron removed his hand from her mouth. So Aaron’s face turned back to normal again. “Okay… thank you for listening. So… you say that the three of us are destined to meet, and… what makes you say that we are that three?” he asked.
        “The book of prophecy, a book written by the ancestors that only, us, could read it.” Said the woman.
        “Who exactly are you people?” Aaron finally asked.
        The woman brought out a medallion from her sleeves. It is golden triangular shape and there’s a carved sun in its center and three blue gems are placed in each tips. “We are the descendant of the sacred ancestors, transmigrated though human wombs, but will die in complete ashes when the right time comes.” She said.
        “N-no, you people what are your names?” Aaron asked.
        “I am Zarchan.” She introduced. “We are all Zarchan.”
        “Okay fine, I understand that all of you are Zarchanians, but how about your names?”
        “Our name is Zarchan.” The woman cleared.
        “Aaron raised an eyebrow. “You mean… all of you? All of you are named… Zarchan?” He asked.
        Zarchan (the woman) nodded. She pointed at an old bearded man. “He is Zarchano.” Then she pointed to a tall dark man. “Zarchandomi.” And then she pointed to a thin man. “Zarchnliho.” And she pointed to an average man. “Rozarchan.“ finally, the last, a very quiet young man.         “Zarchani.” She introduced.
        Aaron looked at all of them puzzled then faced Zarchan. “How about you, you’re named Zarchan only?” he asked.
        “Indeed I am Zarchan, named to our kingdom. And you, Aaron d’ Magieva will be the one who can help us regain our freedom.”
        After the conversation, Aaron couldn’t help but to take them at them at the castle. He called Ariz and Jayne to the conference room where they met the six claimers as the sacred ancestors. Jayne feels unease. She’s not comfortable to speak in Zarchanian expressions actually, boring or worst words are added. Then she glared at Ariz. She saw that her feet was in the mode of impatience, as her eyes angry, but not from her facial expression, it’s more like a furious cat ready to bring out a claw.
        Zarchano took a sip with his cup of sherbet then looked at the group. “I have wondered at the yonder kingdoms. Oh, drunken dicks. The beautiful northern continent, the very strict eastern, the rainy western and our great home southern… ah…” he said dully.
Ariz stood in irritation. “Why are you here?” she asked then frowned at Aaron. “Are you mocking me?”
Jayne stood. “Give them time.”
        “Time? I already have given them a lot of my patience. How long do they have me bother?”
        “You’re just here a couple of minutes.” Aaron said as he glared at Zarchan. “Will you just tell them your purpose,” He straightened.
        Zarchan stood and faced Jayne. “You possess the power of protection.” Then glared at Ariz. “And you, young empress, possesses the eyes that can see the ends and beginnings of spirits and lives. We need the three of you to help us maintain the balance of the world Fantasia. That’s why I’m glad that you found yourself with each other and will continue the prophecy –“
        “Prophecy?!” Jayne exclaimed in surprise. “I am not one of these crazy things!” she said a she attempted to walk out. But Zarchandomi blocked her. “That is the truth.” He said.
        “There is no way I’ll team up with a murderer and a childish vampire!” Jayne insisted as she moved aside and walked out.
        Ariz stood frozen as she stared up spacing at the unseen sky. Aaron went close and tapped her shoulder. Ariz snapped then looked at him.        

        “What?” she asked as she removed Aaron’s hand from her shoulder.
        “You’re spacing out.”  Aaron said then sighed.

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