Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


9. Chapter 9

The night continued to wander the Blizzardian territory, with the darkness covering the skies together with the moon and stars. Another horrible noise of painful sounds is heard. Ariz woke up quickly then summoned her spear as she walked out of the cave without noticing that Jayne was already following her. Ariz stopped at a type of destroyed town. Seeing its damages, it was still fresh and just occurred for an approximate time an hour ago. Jayne was surprised to see such sight, but she held herself tight as she follows Ariz and see the next scenery that they might encounter. When she was about to follow her again, Aaron and Mayne approached behind her as they called her back.
        “What are you doing here?” She whispered.
        “We’re following you, where are you going?” Aaron asked.
        “I’m following Ari –“
        When Jayne was about to finish her word, a scream was heard. It was Ariz’s voice. Quickly, Jayne prepared her bow and arrow, while Aaron unleashed his sword and Mayne stayed behind with them. They ran quickly to where Ariz’s direction was. And that they finally saw her, stepping backwards. As the three went near, they were surprised, even Mayne and Jayne screamed in terror as they held tight on Aaron.
        “What is this?” Aaron asked unbelievably as he looked at the bloody dead people stood from their gravely massacres and can move freely as they eat one another.
        “Eat or you’ll be eaten.” Ariz said as she stared at the living corpses.
        “What are standing there for? Run!” Aaron called as he went close to Ariz then pulled her away, together with Jayne and Mayne.
        They went back to the cave wordlessly then sat with a face of shock. Mayne was sobbing as Jayne tried to calm herself and comfort her. In the other hand, Aaron remained quiet while facing each of them. While Ariz is in her normal mode, but her scarlet eyes turned lighter.
        “W-what was… t-that?” Jayne asked confusedly.
        “That’s the glimpse of hell.” Ariz said calmly.
        “Tell me, Young highness, what is that! Tell me!” Mayne cried.
        “Don’t you remember who can only do that?” Ariz said. “Mayne… can’t you really remember?” she was now speaking doubtlessly. She was so different.
        “I- Iris…” Mayne said as she looked at Ariz. “Is it her? The one who killed you and her majesty?!” she asked.
        Ariz’s eyes turned back to its normal color again then he shook her head, as if she was just awake. She stood up and looked at all of them.
        “Why are we awake?” she asked.
        Jayne looked at her surprised. “J-just now, you’re saying something…” she stood up then pulled Ariz’s cloth. “And now you’re saying why we are awake?! What’s wrong with you?!” she said as she looked at her annoyed.
        Ariz slapped Jayne hardly then fell on the ground. “You dared yell at me once more and you’ll experience your worst nightmare.” She said coldly.
Jayne stood quickly then attempted to slap Ariz back, but Mayne came in between. “Please enough! Stop fighting please, I don’t want to see you like this!” she pleaded.
        Ariz didn’t speak anymore. She remained shut as Mayne cried again. And as expected, Jayne tried to comfort her. Then she looked at Aaron who was so quiet. “You!” she called.
        “What?” Aaron asked.
        “Why are you so shut? Say something.”
        “Then tell me and I’ll say it.” Aaron responded with opened arms.
        Jayne, Mayne and Aaron again were startled. Ariz started to act oddly again. She was again struggling in pain. Then after a moment, she stopped. The three were just staring at her without a blink.
        “They’ve succeeded to get the kingdoms.” Ariz fall into her knees and blinked with tears.
        Jayne scrambled back to her feet then rushed at Ariz, holding her shoulders. “What are you talking about? Stop speaking nonsense!” she said.
        Ariz expression was blank. “There’s always time to tell the truth, and I never lie.” She said.
        Jayne let her go as her face left an expression of shock as she knelt into the ground. Without a notice, her tears dropped down her eyes. “No… it’s a lie! Everything you said was a mere lie –“
        “Accept the truth. Everyone that you cherish will soon be a threat to you –“
        Jayne slapped Ariz. But Ariz didn’t move and held onto Jayne’s eyes. “Go on. Believe your fantasy until you found yourself being killed.” She said. “Is it your wish?” she ended still staring at her.
        Mayne shrugged. “Does that mean that they turned out to become one of those… those… M-m –“
        “Monsters.” Ariz straightened.
        “I can’t believe this!” Aaron frowned as he punched the wall.
        “The hunt is beginning. Fantasia will soon be abolished.” Ariz said.
        Aaron couldn’t keep up with the tension that’s been covering the cave, so, he walk out. He stood at the entrance still, as he breathed deeply then sighed in heave. He tried to calm himself but he just couldn’t. Ariz’s words are too much to endure. If she speaks the truth, then what will happen to them? Everything’s terrifying. He then looked at his necklace. He held tight on it as he closed his eyes. “What am I going to do if you’re here, guiding me… mother.” He whispered.

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