Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


8. Chapter 8

The water dropped from ceiling to ground. And with that noise, Ariz was disturbed. She laid still looking from south to west. She sensed another presence she can feel that someone watches her in her sleep. Then in the darkness, she saw a light that illuminated the room, the circling light formed into a human figure, so bright that Ariz covered her eyes with her arms. A woman was formed. Ariz took a glimpse on the woman as it approached her.
        “W-who are you?” Ariz asked.
        The woman smiled at her then held on Ariz’s cheeks. Her hands were so soft and warm as she drew her face closed to her face. “I am your mother…” she answered as her voice echoed.
        “W-what? Mother? I thought you were… dead?”
        “I am…” her face turned upset. “But we’re about to come back to life again.”
        “What do you mean?”
        “The spirits of those who are dead have been forced to come back to its original body and will be reformed back from dust to human, thus, it is not what the creator wants.  If this massacre will continue, more people will revolve into one goal… to destroy you.”
        “I… I don’t understand…” Ariz shook her head.
        “The olden days, the dark ages of Fantasia. There are full of plagues of evil magic and death. If the dark rises, the past will repeat itself again. But now, worse than any war that ever happened in our history.”
        “But what shall I do?”
        “If you…” Aira paused as her face turned fearful. “The shadows are starting to get us! Help us!!!” her voice echoed all over the place as the dark fog pulled her away until she let go of Ariz’s face.
        Ariz’s eyes flew open as she quickly sat down racing with her breath. “Bad dreams?” Aaron’s voice surprised her. Her eyes widened then she stood up in a flash and without a blink, a spear was pointed into his neck.
        “Woah! Keep calm my lady.” Aaron surrendered as he raised his hand with a surprised expression.
        Ariz withdrew her spear away from away from Aaron then it disappeared, turning into a snow flake. “Wow, teach me how to do that.” Aaron said in astonishment. She looked around and saw Mayne and Jayne sleeping on the other side of the cave and she sighed in heave. “When does this cave, became an orphanage?” she asked. Then she turned to Aaron. “You there.” She called.
        “What?” Aaron asked her.
        “Who did you kill?” Ariz asked.
        Aaron looked at Ariz then he looked at the ground. “I thought it will help me to become a great man if I kill a monster…” he said.
        “You say… she’s friend with a monster?” Ariz analyzed as she glared at Jayne crossing her arms. Then she turned to Aaron again. “Just who are you people?” she murmured. She grabbed her cloak then wore it around her shoulders as she went out of the cave. Aaron stood.
        “Stay here.” Ariz demanded.
        “But where are you –“
        “Shut it. I’m hungry.” Ariz broke up.
        “Okay…” Aaron just said then sat back again.
        Ariz left no word then disappeared. The night was very silent as she walked straight at the forest going to the near village then picked up some of the fresh vegetables and fruits. She was stealing. After that, she went straight back to where her acquaintances are. While she walks in the forest, an arrow flashed towards her. Fortunately, she was able to dodge it, but she used her hand causing for her palm to bleed as the vegetables fell on the ground. She turned to where the direction was struck then saw an image of a man running away.
        Seeing her wounded hand, Ariz’s eyes turned furious then she flashed catching the man like a predator hunting its prey. She was getting faster and faster until she reached him. She sprung up from above then unsheathed her dagger shooting it between his skullbut what a mysterious sight would she discover? The man turned into dust then the bow and arrow case fell on the ground.
        Ariz sighed in disappointment, but also in relief. Disappointment, for letting her palm bleed and relief, for not killing any human, so, she picked the vegetables that she have dropped then went back seeing her ‘visitors’ awake as they gazed at her. She quickly hid her hand at her back then thrown the vegetables at Aaron’s head.
        “Hey, what was that for?” He asked her as he massaged his head.
        “Cook it.” Ariz said coldly.
        “What?” Aaron asked.
        “Cook it, deaf.” Ariz repeated.
        “Be glad I don’t hurt women.” Aaron murmured as he picked the vegetables up.
        “I heard you.” Ariz said as she sat at the opposite side of the cave, facing the wall.
        Jayne and Mayne looked at her. Jayne felt a bit of worried about her actions, but she pretended like it’s nothing. When she turned back to where         Mayne was seated, she was not there. She already had approached Ariz. “Goodness young highness! Who dared to do this… this –“
        “You’re too overacting. This is nothing.” Ariz said as she wiped her bleeding hands.
        “No! I will tend you! Please …” Mayne cried as he sniffed and continuously.
        “Will you stop acting as if I’m going to die…” Ariz said as she wrapped the cloth around her bleeding palm.
        “But you’re… wounded…” Mayne still sobs.
        “What are you talking about? It’s nothing but a scratch.” Ariz responded then stood up and walked away. But Jayne blocked her, gazing coldly as she stared at her eyes.
        “What’s wrong with you?!” Jeyne yelled.
        “What’s wrong with me? Nothing’s really wrong I am very, very, very fine.” Ariz said in a mock.
        “Why are you so mean to her?” She’s done nothing but to serve you. Mayne is a very nice per –“
        “Nice people are those weaklings who are meant to die! And those people who cherish others are those who are called slaves.” Ariz straightened.
        Jayne’s eyes widened. “Where in Fantasia’s language did you learn that?” she yelled.
        “You speak as if you knew me.” Ariz remarked.
        “And you speak as if no one cares about you!”
        “Don’t speak as if you’re my mother!”
        “Be used for I will never leave you until you learn how to care for others!”
        Ariz’s eyes widen. “What did you say?!” she looked back and folded her arms. “No way I’d let you act as one, you arrow head!”
        “What did you say…” Jayne mocked as she repeats Ariz’s first sentence.
        The two of them looked back at each other again with a mode of annoyance and didn’t talk anymore. Mayne watched the two worriedly as she tried to calm them both. Jayne’s temper cooled, but Ariz remained high tempered as if acting like a prideful kid. In short childish.
        Moments passed and Aaron finally came back with a pot. “Here’s the food you asked me to…” he looked around and saw that the women are grouped in two. He placed his pot aside then observed. He noticed that Mayne’s going around both individual, saying words, Jayne smiles and replies, as Ariz turns back and ignores, as expected of course. Again, Aaron carried the pot then placed it in the center part of the cave with a noise.
        “Ouch! Keep it down will you!” Ariz yelled at him.
        “Finally, the child spoke.” Jayne mocked as she stood up and smiled at Mayne who was very worried.
        Ariz stood then faced her. “I’m not a child, you arrow head.” She yelled.
        “Well, you look like one.” Jayne said.
        “Urgh… as if you lived longer than I do.”
        “I did. And it is indeed physically seen.”
        Aaron used the pot like a drum as he clung it with a stick to stop their noise. The two looked at him.
        “What is it –“
        “What is it –“
        Both of them said as they looked at each other.
        “Stop saying what I’m saying –“
        “Stop saying what I’m saying –“
        Then again, they looked back at each other. Aaron blinked an eye as he looked at Mayne puzzled. “What’s wrong with them?” He asked her.
        Mayne bowed her head. “I’m sorry I can’t calm the two of them.” She apologized.
        “Huh?” Aaron turned more puzzled. “Are really women… this weird?” he asked himself as he looked around again. “Oh well, I guess I’m the only one left normal in this crazy cave.” He thought as he sat down. And the cave turned silent again.

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