Shadow Quest

The war between the Living and death...
A war for freedom of souls and for power of monarchy. Three heroes will arise and become the chosen ones.


7. Chapter 7

        Suddenly, they heard a scratch not far from them. The sound of footsteps echoed all over the cave. The two quickly hid themselves as Ariz prepared her dagger.
        “Is someone here?!” a young lady appeared speaking louder.
        “Looks like she needs something, we have to help her.” Mayne whispered.
        Ariz was about to stop Mayne but it’s too late. Mayne already showed herself. The young lady saw her and next to her was Ariz.
        “I… I was wondering if I could stay here?” she asked softly, it was Jeyne.
        Ariz rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Why do people keeps on asking for shelter since the other day. She thought.
        “Where are you from?” Mayne asked softly.
        “I’m from… Cypher…”
        “Cypher?!” Ariz and Mayne both exclaimed.
        Ariz sensed something. She flashily appeared at Jayne’s back then pinned her down on the ground, pointing her dagger at her neck.
        “What are you doing?!” Mayne exclaimed.
        “Who’s with you? What is it you’re planning?” Ariz asked sharply as she gripped the dagger on Jeyne’s neck.
        “I… don’t know… what you’re ta… talking … about.” Jeyne tried to speak.
        “Young highness, please stop that!” Mayne plead.
        Another shadow appeared at the cave’s entrance as Ariz saw it. She released Jayne and placed the dagger pointing in front of the stranger. When Jayne recognized him she stood up in front of Ariz.
        “You!” Jayne said with a daring face.
        “Ah…” Aaron looked surprise. “You’re the fairest among them all!” he said like he was dreaming as he stared at the girls.
        “Everyone says that!” Jayne folded her arms as she wrinkled her forehead in anger.
        Aaron came back to his normal face. “Actually I’m talking about the young lady behind you.” Aaron cleared out trying to peep at Ariz.
        Jayne felt a bit of embarrassment. When Aaron tried to approach them, Ariz drew her dagger then pointed it to him. “Don’t come any further or I’ll rip your neck off. If you want to get the Cypherian, fine, you can have her and go away!” Ariz said as she pulled Jayne’s arm then pushed her to Aaron.
        “Wait no! He killed my friend, he’s an enemy.” Jayne exclaimed.
        “Then why is he here?” Mayne asked.
        “I don’t know, I just –“ Jayne paused then she glared at Aaron. “What are you doing here?” she asked coldly.
        “I… was just wondering… I umm… okay, the truth is, I, saw you running.” Aaron Admitted.
        “You followed me because you want to prove that you’re strong –“
        “Enough!” Ariz interrupted. “You two should leave, including you!” she said pointing to the three.
        “No!” both Jayne and Aaron answered. Jayne stepped forward. “I am a princess you should not let me leave like that.” Jayne said.
        “So what if you’re a princess, my cave isn’t an orphanage for the likes of you.” Ariz said back.
        “You’re the worst person I’ve ever met!”
        “Same goes through with you. So go away!”
        “Please both of you stop. You’re princesses, you should respect each other.” Mayne blurted.
        Aaron and Jayne both stopped as Ariz gazed at Mayne. Jayne slowly pointed at Ariz and tried to speak. “A… a princess?” she asked Mayne.
        Mayne nodded as Aaron left an open mouth. Jayne looked back at Ariz then smiled. “Right, I got it, a cave princess.” She insulted.
        “Well, she looks like a princess.” Aaron said.
        “Hey, don’t believe that woman, I don’t even know her.” Ariz protested.
        Suddenly, Ariz again covered her ears as her eyes shut in painful manner. She can hear a lot of shrieking men and women, children are crying, bell ringing, wall cracking and horns being blown. Mayne and Aaron grabbed her arms as they support her.
        “W-why is that?” Jayne asked confusedly.
        Ariz breathed faster and faster until she now fell on the ground. Aaron and Jayne went out of the cave to accompany Mayne after comforting Ariz. “What happened to her?” Aaron asked Mayne.
        “I am one of her servant back in the empire seven years ago, and this case happened many times. Empress Aira told me that it is normal for her to hear and feel the pain of those people who suffers, from hamlets to countries until continents that are all in terrorizing war.” Mayne explained.
        “Why?” Jayne asked.
        “She’s a vampire.”
        “V-vampire? T-that’s not a very funny joke, it’s horrifying.” Jeyne said with a shrug.
        The wind blew stronger as they hear a flap of wings going near them, a dove landed down into Aaron’s shoulder, a messenger dove of the Zarchans. He took the massage that is tied into the dove’s feet the let it rest for a while. He read the massage with excitement, but as he goes on further, his smile turned depressed.
        “What is it?” Mayne asked.
        “It’s from my… parents…” he said trying to calm himself.
        “What does it say?”
        “Zarchan was ambushed by undetermined creatures that have skins of men. They allow no one to escape, but my parents were lucky enough to run away. And now, they’ve got the throne of Zarchan. Not just that, they say that their leader was a woman.”
        “That’s why her highness was in great pain…” Mayne said. “Is there anymore?”
        “They warned me not to go back.”
        The rain started to fall. Then, they went back at the cave.

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